The Sparrow's Mill: Winging it.

This was the artery clogging scene that greeted my eyes when I returned back to the table after a trip to the ladies. Sheesh.. Had we overdone it? Perpetual fears of gluttony and overeating filled my mind. But the 3 of us approached the table like warriors. Korean Fried Chicken, that would be less than an insurmountable task... Or so we thought.

The Spicy Soft Tofu with Seafood and Vegetable Stew ($14) was a piquant stew like broth spiked with spicy kimchi. A good solution to clearing the sinuses and perfect for sweater weather days. If you're arrived with the intention of having lots of fried chicken then this dish would be a good alternative to breaking the monotony of the protein fest. The large cubes of wobbly tofu buried in the hellish troughs of bubbling broth sliding down the throat all too easily.

Bearing Sparrow's Mill affiliation to Red Pepper in Strathfield in mind, we arrived with sky-high expectations since we've been patrons of that outlet since a long time back. We settled on the ever so popular Spring Onion Chicken ($18 for half), tossed in a specially made wasabi sauce and sprinkled with spring onions. It makes it grand entrance with the mandatory oohs and aahs and the envious stares from neighboring tables that have just seated. A tumbling plate of gloriously tanned crispy chicken coated in glossy sheen of sauce and crowned with a tangle of spring onions. Our order of Snow Cheese Chicken ($18 for half) arrived soon after, balanced skillfully by the waitresses parading the narrow walkways of the busy restaurant. Imagine cheezels all crushed up and that showered upon fried chicken fresh out of the frying basket. Precisely. The entire dish had a sickly artificial cheese flavor to it that somehow resonates with the kid in all of us. Tending to our quivering taste buds with such emotive power. It was all good but verdicts had to be passed; and in all respect, my money would still be on Red Pepper. The chicken just marginally juicier than what we received at Sparrow's Mill. Still, the strong following for the latter will always be busting out amazingly long queues at the liverpool street joint so make sure to get there early should you want a piece of KFC.

The Sparrow's Mill
Shop 3
116-120 Liverpool Street
t: 02 9264 7109

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: 11am - 12 am
Sun: closed

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