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We touched down in Adelaide after a rather turbulent flight, riding off the recesses of a mad storm that had enveloped Sydney a few hours ago. The blue mountains were left under a sheath of snow and the city in shambles from the Gail force winds and hail that rained upon the poor citizens. 

Having been through that, I needed some form of comfort. Peacefulness that I hoped to find in a bowl of ramen. After a few clicks on my favourite search engine, we found ourselves on the doorsteps of Ryo's Noodles in Chinatown. Touted to be the second outlet from its mainstay in Crow Nest's Sydney and claiming to sell authentic Tokyo Ramen, I was gradually ascending a wall of great expectations.

He ordered the Ramen Noodles in Spicy hot pork soup; a feisty bowl of scarlet tinged soup greeted us, the levels of soup significantly lower than in our other bowls of Miso pork stock soup ramen as if to discourage the excessive drinking of this oil laden broth. We both notice the absence of pork flavor in this particular stock, the predominance of garlic stricken chili oil assaulting the taste buds. On hindsight, I appreciated the texture of the noodles which as subjective as it may sound, was of my favorite thickness and doneness -The strands still holding a spring in its step. The pork slices were a tad overcooked, dry and stringy, save for the rings of fat along the creases. 

My Ramen in Miso Pork Stock Soup fared a lot better, the generous serving of bamboo shoots and spring onions helping to negate the saltiness of the broth. My ravenous appetite saw me through to the bottom of the bowl, but mind you, it is a LARGE serving which would probably be suitable for 2 small diners if you had added a couple more pork slices in there.

The arrival of Ryo's Noodles in Adelaide has caused quite a stir, clearly dividing the masses into two groups, the cult followers and the haters. I choose to sit on the fence with this one. Obviously, my heart still lies with Gumshara.

Ryo's Noodles
Adelaide central market
78 Gouger St
t: 08 8410 0752

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