[Adelaide] The Stag: Tearing up my Heart

If you're game for a bit of adventure in Adelaide, take a walk on the wide side on the Waterfall Gully - Mt Lofty summit trail (3.9km one-way). After the gluteus maximus busting workout, what better way is there to reward yourself then with a full fledged pub grub meal. With that intention in mind and some aching thighs to nurse, we headed to the Stag Hotel for a treat.

A quick perusal through the extensive menu and I was quick to jump to my option for the Chicken Parmigiana ($21); don't judge, but who can resist chicken topped with smokey ham, napolitan sauce, cheese, breaded and fried?  This was indeed one of the best renditions I've ever tucked into; the matured cheese employed giving substantial character to the pub classic, and the chicken was moist and tender through and through. The side salad however failed to impress with it's overly acidic notes that lead to severe facial cringing with each bite. Overall, still an excellent dish with gentrifying comforting effects.

The other half pulled a fast one on the Texas Style Coorong Angus Beef Ribs ($42 for 1 kg), equipped with a ferocious appetite and a insatiable craving for protein, this was a dream dish. The ribs slow cooked, char grilled and basted with Texas BBQ sauce yielded to the knife like softened butter, the gliding motion effortless, similar to the chowing down. The BBQ sauce could have used a bit more kick, but overall, the dish superseded out expectations by leaps and bounds, it's tender robust nature appealing to the meat-lover in both of us.

Should you be looking for decent, if not, excellent, pub grub in Adelaide; The Stag would get my strong recommendations. of course, they bought my favor with Little Creatures 'Rogers" on tap. *hics* 

Stag Hotel
299 Rundle Street (East Terrace)
Adelaide, SA
t: 8 8223 2934
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