[Melbourne] Huxtaburger: Living on the Fast Lane

Huxtaburger, tucked in the narrow alleyways right smack in Melbourne city rebelliously flaunts a grungy fast-food way of life midst the structure and rigidity of work culture. The juxtaposition is deliberate and nonetheless effective, as men and women dressed in suits flood the diner, beer in hand, hoping to squeeze in a quick burger over lunchtime. 

The menu is kept simple and straightforward to avoid the general confusion that arises from any added complexity. We settled for the Clair Jnr ($7) and the Huxtaburger ($9.50) to get a lead on the original flavors that the joint had to offer. The former appeared on an over sized silver dish, puny in size but big on flavors. Don't be fooled by its fuss free appearance. The wining combination of southern fried chicken, slaw and mayo came together with a tidal wave of pleasure as I relished in the excellent balance of acidity, crunch and other gentrifying factors that reaped an exemplary mouth-feel. I wiped the slider out in a couple of bites and regretted not ordering the larger version. The latter on the other hand, was deftly executed with everything you could want in a grease burger; fresh greens, pillowy buns, melted cheese, mustard; however, it was missing the X-factor which would probably be better achieved with the other tweaked choices like the Denise ($10.50) for example with it's fiery jalapeno & sriracha mayo.

Definitely in my books for one of the best chicken burgers but I can't say the same for the beer burger.

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