[Adelaide] Chuck Wagon: Never again

" Even I can make a better burger than this," laments a friend of mine. And that's saying A LOT. 

Despite the crowds vouching that the burgers here are the stuff of dreams. We had a whole table of fellow diners who begged to differ. 

Chuck Wagon specialises in burgers, pizza fries and everything street American-esqe . There are also craft beers to go along with your burger indulgence. For starters, go for the Pulled Pork and Cheese Nachos ($9), a generous heap of 15 hr roasted pulled pork shoulder in house made Lexington style BBQ sauce is stacked up high over corn chips, all this frosted with additional coleslaw and doused in melted cheddar cheese sauce. The pulled pork really needs a little bit more spice in it to banish that bland flavor that you get diving into the center of the pack; the portions that are devoid of glorious cheese. There are glorious moments though as you bite into smidgens of golden nuggets of crispy pork crackling.

If blue cheese is totally up your alley, step away from the Black and Blue ($13) which fails to translate the sorcery of the mighty blue into a burger. The Chuck blue cheese sauce was more cream than blue cheese, resulting in a sickly sweet concoction that did no favours for the dry fibrous patty. 

If you've arrived with a raving appetite, check out The Ultimate ($17),  a sumo-sized burger with double patty (320g chuck), cheddar cheese sauce, American cheese, grilled short-cut bacon, crisp lettuce, tomato and onion with creamy house mayo. Make sure to be donning your fat pants too. This bad boy should be treated with a little bashing before there's the slightest chance of fitting that into your mouth. Monstrosity aside, the beef patty would benefit from a a little more fats in it and better attention to seasoning.

Would we come back? Definitely not. Or maybe, if we're dead drunk and we were in the area,

Chuck Wagon 175
175 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA
t: 08 8267 4070

Opening Hours:
Mon: closed
Tues- Sat: 10 30am - late
Sun: 8 30am - late

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