[Adelaide] Press* Food and Wine: White Pepper in pasta?

So, I've been dreaming about this burger for a good long time. 

The Press* burger ($18), the only item on my agenda when on a return visit to Adelaide. I never thought I would say this, but the onion rings has it. lightly battered and fried to golden brown at the edges, visually it's a stunner and it tastes even better with the seasoned aerated coating melts in the mouth along with the thin strips of onion. The heavyweight of the dish, the burger fails to attend to my uprising anticipation , the sweet buns just a wee bit dry and the patty not as juicy as I would like. The juxtaposition between the two, contributing to the rather substandard experience.

Food at Press* food and wine is gutsy, rooted by a strong foundation of good cooking methods especially their wood-grilled items such as the Squid that impresses once again with the smoky flavors it imparts, tamed with a dip in the pool of intrepidity that is aioli. 

Less successful is the House made pappardelle, blue swimmer crab, tomato and chilli  ($34), the pasta dish perforated with the jarring flavors of white pepper throughout - though the doneness of the pappardelle was near perfect with each and every sheet amicable with the well balanced sauce, the whiffs of white pepper left us bewildered. For all you know, this might be the result of a kitchen mishap. *shrugs*

That aside, Press* food and wine remains an institution in Adelaide that is worth a shot should you be visiting. If you're a curious diner, pick Press*.

Press* Food and Wine
40 Waymouth Street
Adelaide City Centre
t: 08 8211 8048

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat: 12pm - late
Sun: closed

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