Kepos Street Kitchen: Back to Black

We expect, a whole load, especially when we hear great things about this one... and with Kepos Street Kitchen, praises come in fierce torrents, boosted only by its recent One Hat award by SMH's Good Food Guide.

Helmed by Chef and Owner Michael Rantissi who enjoys paying homage to his childhood in Tel Aviv, most of the cuisine has Mediterranean flavors with Middle Eastern flair. But if your taste buds aren't feeling that adventurous, there are your usual dishes like bacon and eggs and what not on the breakfast menu. For those looking to shake things up, this is one place to look out for.

My companion was absolutely besotted by his Spicy Chickpea and Lamb Shank Stew ($19). The aromatic flavors further enhanced by the sage and coriander perfumed 961 Lebanese Pale Ale ($9). Warm and comforting with a gentle riff of mustard seeds with every bite, this dish felt exotic, translating a Middle-Eastern family classic into something a little closer to home; closer to the heart. the soft eggs adding a splash of richness to its entirety.

Meanwhile, I bowed my head low and tended to my Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich ($18) with reckless abandon. The thick cut chips on the side a sworn nemesis to my attempts at a low-carb diet, but proving to be a force to be reckoned with when eaten with creamy aioli. The Middle Eastern coleslaw provides a study of texture with seasoning similar to that found in a fattoush and the chermoula mayonnaise once again raising the bar with its smoky, mysterious flavors adding a delightfully rich edge to the freshness of the slaw. The dish warms the tummy with a light footprint, the buttery brioche like bun extremely resilient to the puddle forming juiciness of its contents. Definitely a burger that walks the talk stemming from its good looks.

Kepos Street Kitchen offers up a menu that is not similar to any other cafe I've come across before. In theory, the fact that they offer up cafe cuisine so tightly bounded to Middle Eastern culture by such an accomplished chef is a special thing. A MUST-TRY if you're visiting Sydney.

Kepos Street Kitchen
96 Kepos Street
Redfern, NSW
t: +61 2 9319 3919

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  1. A must try indeed! Great description as usual, Sihan! :))

    1. thanks babe! yes indeed.. so worth the long walk from redfern station if you must! and dang that salmon salad looks so good from across the table!



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