Candelori's: Dessert Oasis

I fully deserved the indigestion  I had after this dessert degustation. Where the cannolis and the marshmallows and nuts were flowing, so was the conversation occurring over the table top; smooth and unabated, spurred on by the candy-coated affair. 

Located along the sleepy liner settlemenent that is The Horsely Drive in Smithfield, the discovery of a sprawling cool complex upon entry from a dubiously dilapitated looking stree was shockingt; Candeolori's is what you would refer to as a 'pot of gold', a hidden treasure. 

By a fortunate of twist of events, I was lucky enough to get to sample Candelori's degustation of desserts. Setting us off on the journey was the Cassata Negativo (as pictured above), deconstructed Sicilian cassata represented by a flurry of ingredients sprawled over the large black plates. Ricotta, marinated cherries, caramelised figs, candy floss and shavings of Belgian Chocolate. Each gregarious bite with all the elements on the fork mellows out to a sweet finish. 

The next dessert that followed was yet again a twist on the classic, the neat yellow gelatinous cast of pineapple gel replacing the usual golden brown crisp cannoli. Cannoli Ananas was the name of the game, and true to word, the representation of the tropical fruit was uncanny, paving the way for some lucid summer dreams with it's clever cigar form, also in a tangy refreshing mousse followed by a delicate freeze-dried dehydrated flower that adorned the dish. The crushed meringue elevated the dish with a crunch factor as did the herbaceous vibes off the mint that helped to recharge the palate for the line-up ahead.

(dang.. that pizza with scarmoza cheese and prosciutto was amazing)

Semifreddo Arrancia Rossa.The blood orange semifreddo assaulted the taste buds like a sour lambie, while the negroni pearls and toasted trucks of marshmallows failed to elevate the dish, the dessert could have fared better if better placement and portion sizes of the components were taken into mind.

Lured by a warm cube of chocolate, the bloggers turned to the Ferrero Rocher Sbagliato for comfort, it's name synonymous with our regular go-to snack, the light cloud like texture of the dark chocolate mousse allowing the raw intensity of the chocolate to shine. The chocolate brownie on the other hand could have used a little withdrawal from the sugar drawer, bordering on an overly dry and chewy texture due to the excessive sweetness. Still, a novel and delicious dish that would put a dumb-founded smile to most faces.

The Bombolini appealed to me the most, the promise of warm ricotta & lemon doughnuts grabbing my attention instantly. Despite it's simplicity, the sweet glaze of honey across the plate with a scatter of toasted pistachio nuts helped to elevate the dish to higher grounds, the gentle cascade of melted vanilla bean gelato creating an amalgamation of ethereal flavors.

Second to the doughnuts is the pannacotta. Who can resist a jar full of silky smooth hazelnut pannacotta littered with a romantic color scheme of ingredients such as roasted hazelnut, ginger crumbs, strawberries and Italian teardrops? The dabble of strawberry puree gracing the side of the wooden board acting as a palate cleanser before one dives in for more. All in all, a very satisfying dessert for the die hard sweet tooths.

Candelori's is one of those restaurants that you develop a relationship with because return visits are definitely in the agenda as you roll out of the seat. Sated yet aching for more.

685 The Horsley Drive
NSW 2164
t: 02 9729 1155


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