Keg & Brew, Dove & Olive: Surry Hills Pub Grub

The KB Hotel on the foothills of Surry Hills had spent years as a grotty neighborhood boozer, however, after a radical overhaul from the team behind Dove and Olive; set out to captivate new audiences with its fresh look as the Keg and Brew.

The details are good where they matter, frozen taps and a bar-load of Australian craft beers. The interior is a treat to any beer loving enthusiast; the rotating list of hand pumped beers feasting the imagination with an endless possibility of the nights' endings. 

Similar to its sister outlet, Keg and Brew has some pretty nifty daily meal deals like Tuesday's Black Angus rump steak with fries and organic green salad and Wednesday's pulled pork po'boys with fries; all for only $9.90! If that doesn't float your boat, I don't know what will! Head Chef Devendra Sherchan, formerly of Dove & Olive has playfully injected a bit of Southern American flavor in the usual pub grub, this manifesting in the form of mainstays such as the KBFC ($19)- Southern styled buttermilk fried chicken with Louisiana hot mayo, french fries and crunchy salad. While this dish is not jaw-dropping; the promises of a light and crispy spicy coating removed - the peppery sauce was sublime - the mountain of fries slowly evaporating with each momentous dunk.

Best ignore the KB Burger ($15), my hopes dashed with the house made black Angus beef pattie cooked within an inch of its life. The meat was hard and dry with oppressively burnt ends - the caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and heavy dousing of KB BBQ sauce had nothing on it, failing to breathe any life into the dish. Please don't get me started about those crumbly brioche buns, I swear I see fumes leaving the crown of my head.

At the end of the rather lackluster experience, satiate your outstanding cravings with more craft beer. My favourites are the Rocket Science (Dennis Brewing co) and The Kahuna (batchbrewingcompany). 

Alternatively, you could traverse the streets to Dove and Olive for some awe-inspiring finger foods.

Bamboozled by the extensive menu, we went for the Baked Buffalo Wings ($10) and Fried Monterey Jack Cheese Sticks ($10) . The former, traditional baked chicken wings accompanied with a devilish Gorgonzola dolce blue cheese dip - get the napkins ready, you'll want to go in with your fingers. Then there were these obscenely good breaded and fried melted cheese sticks, sprinkled with more parmesan cheese and spring onions and served with a side of spicy Napoli. Sounds sickly but tasted divine. We guarantee that even the most devoted foodie will be besotted with these smashing pub snacks. 

Definitely highly recommended for a fun night out with the mates. 

Keg & Brew
26 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills
t: 02 9212 1740

Dove and Olive
156 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills
t: 02 9699 6001

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  1. I was taken to the Dove & Olive recently and quite enjoyed their food. They do have both an extensive menu but also some great snacks to go with their wide range of beer.



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