[Adelaide] Hanhdorf Inn: Oktoberfest

With the end of Oktoberfest quick approaching the end of its rowdy life, I've decided to post our little attempt to fulfill its nature of business.. which is to eat, drink like a camel and be merry.

Are you hungry for German sausages and sauerkraut?

I am. We kicked off the festivities with some HB wheat beer ($14 for 500ml). A mug for me, 2 mugs for me and yes, very soon, we've lost count. But in this case, nobody cares, in fact, for once, this behavior is embraced...situated in the picturesque village of Hahndorf, just about a 30mins drive from Adelaide main city, the Hahndorf inn is modelled to look like your typical German beer hall. The decor, a mishmash of heavy wooden beams overhead and stark as death black wooden chairs looks as if its only desire is to accommodate big large rambunctious groups of diners with the propensity of being destructive after a couple rounds of drinks. Not exactly the most romantic destination you would want to bring a date to; but very apt if she's a meat lover.

The Taste of Germany Platter ($64.50) consists of bockwurst, weisswurst, cheese kransky and vienna sausages, smoked pork kassler chop and pork knuckle. served with rhine potatoes, sauerkraut, 2 pretzels and a selection of German mustards. The bone-in pork chop was the shining star of the lot, revelling in alternate layers of creamy fats with juicy meat. When cut into, the pork knuckle collapses with an unctuous squelch, its crisp exterior giving way to a contorted mess of divine luscious flesh. And when it all gets too much to handle, the midnight funk of the sauerkraut brings it back to neutral grounds with it's delightful tang.

Since there were 5 of us, we pushed the challenge further with the Stuggart Platter ($65) featuring two char grilled racks of the ribs with 12 crispy chicken wings served with home made BBQ ribs sauce, sauerkraut and rhine potatoes. The chicken wings are roasted till dripping in juices and tears apart ever so easily at the slightest bit of encouragement. The glitches in the kitchen occurred in the form of ribs that were too tough to handle and left shreds of meat stuck between my teeth as I gnawed between the bones. Stick to the sausages and pork chops and you would be less disappointed.

Hahndorf Inn
35 Main Street
SA 5245
08 8388 7063

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