Hurricanes Grill Bondi Beach: A Hot Mess

The smell of sweet barbecue sauce and charred ribs filled my nostrils through the frigid sea salt laced air. And mind you, this was a block away from Hurricanes, ravenous appetites surfaced immediately.

Lured by the promise of 'the best ribs in town' , the young kids (cousin and friends on their graduation trip) led by yours truly, found ourselves at an alfresco table (just because we could, the sweltering heat and humidity in Singapore making this a much less glamorous affair) under the flickering flames of the portable heater stands. 

Service at Hurricanes Grill Bondi Beach is polished, unrushed and thorough. Operated by Hurricanes Management P/L (different from the Darling Harbor brunch), led by owners and co-founders Tony and Pauline Teixeira; the couple also own Hurricane's Express Bondi Beach, the original takeaway outlet opened in 2005. Now, who could say NO to takeout ribs?

Back to the nosh,  the savoury ribs appeal to me, regardless of season. We ordered the full rack of pork and beef ribs to share. In spite of its name, Hurricanes Grill isn't all meat sweats, the menu is preceded with a good selection of grazeable starters to share. Starters such as the Garlic Mushrooms ($12) and the Salt and Pepper Calamari ($16) called our names felicitously.

The sauteed mushrooms as well as the garlic sauce are respectable, a moreish kind of dish great for picking at after licking your chops. Tossed with fresh garlic, olive oil, butter (makes everything better) and a hint of port wine, these knobs of warm earthiness were irresistible all around the table; the salt and pepper calamari, average, with a portion size that could have use a boosting in substansiality.

The glorious glistening slabs of ribs, basted in Hurricanes gluten-free secret recipe sauce seems to be its strong suit. It's a winning formula of finger licking intensely sweet and savoury coating and a melt of the bone tender meat. The Beef Ribs ($42.90 for a full rack) were my favorite, its joints of marbled fats between the bones rendered to a religious stack of smoked meat with the gentle prodding of the knife. The Pork Ribs ($44.90 for a full rack) retained a bit more chew, and were preferred by those who had more caveman instincts around the table, gnawing and sucking away at the challengingly curved ribs. 

Hurricanes + Ribs = Bliss

It really wasn't a complicated equation at all. We left the restaurant rubbing our happy bellies at the end of the meal. 

Hurricane's Grill Bondi Beach
130 Roscoe Street, 
Bondi Beach,
NSW 2026
Phone: 02 9130 7101

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    1. what you talking about? @chocolatesuze.. i want ribs ALL THE TIME... completing my rounds of 'must'-eats' before I leave Sydney.



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