[SPORE] Tonkichi: a steadfast relationship

When I crave a good tonkatsu (once in a bluemoon), I only turn to one place.

My rock, my steadfast love, that manages to fill the entirety of all my cravings, nooks and crannies inclusive; that is Tonkichi. And if that isn't specific enough, I implode you please patronise the Takashimaya brunch for the most outstanding meal.

Deliciously golden brown, rich and salaciously juicy, the fried rosu katsu is the perfect thickness with the panko crumb crust adhering with a gentle magnetic touch to the flesh. With free flow of cabbage and rice thrown into the mix, one can fill up on the slight excessive tangle of greens with the addictive Japanese wafu-style salad dressing which helps to keep everything in check and cuts through the fat.

Question: Where would you turn to for the best tonkatsu?

Tonkichi (Takashimaya)
391 Orchard Road #04-24
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Tower A, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872


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