Orto Trading Co: Pocket full of Sunshine

There's nothing quite like a spot of sunshine amidst the brutally cold weather that was a definite smack in the face after my luxurious trip to the steam baths that are Phuket and Singapore.

Plonked down on the communal table, we soaked in the lashings of sunlight that came pouring in thru the tall glass windows of our chosen brunch venue. The old-timer; Orto Trading Co. located in Surry Hills.

It was a Sunday and the cafe was frenzied with action, the service staff feeding off the crowds energy are more enthusiastic and attentive. After a half and hour wait, our coffees met the wooden tables chased swiftly by our food orders soon after.

My Skim Latte ($3.50 for a regular) was a bit on the weak side with a slight dip on the temperature aspect. But no fuss there. Happiness are the order of the day.

She had the Hash: with berkshire gypsy ham, fresh tomato, avocado, lemon dressed rocket, asparagus and poached egg ($16). Don't be fooled by its fuss free appearance; underneath the heap lies a crisp nest of deep fried shredded potatoes that was both distressed from it's crackling edges and piping hot fluffy innards. Delicious yet seemingly healthy given the heaping amount of greens on the plate.

I on the other hand could not overlook the Wagyu Beef Burger ($18) brioche, pickles, mozzarella, beetroot, tomato, polenta chips. Not to be missed for sure. The sweet brioche buns smothered with aioli on one side and a tangy homemade tomato relish on the other. The juxtaposition of temperatures within this tower of ingredients is so deliberate and excellently executed. The medium beef patty warm with a magical melding of cheese on its roof against the coolness of the cabbage with a dabble of that chunky tomato relish. This is love. However, the star of the plate must be the thick cut polenta chips which should make the perfect subject for the front cover of a carb love story. Creamy polenta perfumed with mustard seeds are complemented by the all round browned crispy edges. I don't normally eat my fries but with these, there were no inklings of guilt and I happily devoured these monsters without the aid of any sauce at all. That says it all.

With such stellar performances even on a busy weekend, it is clear to see why Orto Trading Co. is here to stay in the long run. 

Orto Trading Co.
38 Waterloo Street
Surry Hills

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