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Confined to the inner west and in need of a hit? A hit of caffeine I mean. Then look no further than Mrs P in Burwood.

Stowed away in one of the back alleys off the main stretch of Burwood, even the keenest of eyes won't be able to spot this darling of a cafe amongst the line up of Chinese and Lebanese eateries. Yet, Mrs P's is a hot tamale of unproven charms; churning out coffee and cafe foods that would give many more popular Surry Hill/ Redfern options a run for their money.

Putting emphasis on ethically grown coffee, organic and rustic styled foods with a great variety of gluten free options; Mrs P's demonstrates the whole hipster movement without the unnecessary fuss of heightened publicity and long lines at the door. The atmosphere is breezy, relaxed, splicing 'Monday Off Days' casual with inner city cool.

Coffee is made with beans from 5 senses and the occasional guest beans that grace the wooden shelves every now and then. My friend was treated to a robust Brazilian roast when she ordered her Long Black ($3.50 for a regular). Delish with a rich roof of crema.

The food menu offers some standard cafe options and almost borders on predictable boring; a state I usually do not care for unless execution is spot on. Fortunately for them, their dishes came out fairly well done and reasonably priced for the area. 

I had the Beef Burger ($12) which arrived at the table, a teetering stack held together cleverly at the edge of a steak knife. Beetroot, mesclun salad, tomatoes, beef patty, tomato relish on damper roll. A simple burger with smears of butter and mayo on the pillowy soft buns that don't crowd your palate, allowing the other flavors from the fresh vegetables and the juicy beef patty to make a stand.

New on the menu, the C.L.A.T proves that some of the finest things in life don't have to be complicated. Chicken breast, seasoned to the T and grilled not to an inch of its life, still retaining an explosion of sweet juices when you chomp down; all that sitting on a bed of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, mayo on buttered sourdough toast. What more could you ask for?

Mrs P's offers a breath of fresh air in this otherwise bustling suburb with Chinatown vibes. A hidden gem for sure. Take a mid-day breather at this little outfit and grab one of the best coffees you can get in the Inner West. You won't be disappointed.

Mrs P's
34 George St,
Burwood, Sydney 2134
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