John Montagu: Inventor of Sandwiches

Named after the guy who allegedly invented the sandwich, John Montagu aims to bring sexy back to this less famous food creation. (Psstt. but we all know the burger had humble beginnings as a sandwich) Located along a tiny street of vintage looking double storey shop houses just off Hyde Park, John Montagu,  steals the hearts and stomachs of many local dwellers. 

Sandwiches, you say, I had to get my hands on those.

For the coffee junkies, you're in good hands. Beans hail from Di Gabriel with a full bodied, nutty and toffee aroma. My 3/4 skim latte ($3.50) hits the spot.

Looking for a quick bite, I turned to the modest maffra cheese, ham and sage toastie ($6). Simplicity is luxury here and my breakfast comes in the form of thick crusty slabs of bread sandwiching a glorious amount of melted cheese, ham and aromatic sage. The bread is from Mosman's St Honore bakery, a sturdy raft that benefited from the generous spread of good ole' butter inside and out. Coarse black pepper scattered throughout each bite heightened the experience, I swoon, roll my eyes back and pick at the crumbs shamelessly. I prayed no one was looking as I licked my fingers to savour the lingering flavors as if to lock it into memory.

For something a little more substantial, John Montagu does larger sandwiches (you know it!) like the Braised beef cheek sammich served with 12 hours beef, cheddar, sauerkraut, Spanish onion and house glaze. I'm pretty sure that's a winner right there.

John Montagu, you've got my heart.

John Montagu
144-146 Cathedral Street
NSW 2011

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  1. i heart john montagu! the salmon sandwich is all kinds of amazing!

    1. chocolate suze..i know.. i want to try that too!



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