Casa Ristorante Italiano: The proof is in the pudding

Dining harborside has never been a preference of mine (apart from my tourist mandatory stop over at Hurricanes Grill) since most restaurants located by the waters tend to rock the boat slightly with their over-the-top menu pricings and sub-standard food.

I was invited recently to a special event held at Casa Ristorante located along the less populous King Street Wharf; to celebrate its re-opening with a brand new interior design as well as the launch of a spanking new menu.

Apprehension and nerves set in as a swarm of trigger-friendly, hungry bloggers filled up the room.

Nothing binds strangers faster than the presence of sharing platters, social graces start to appear (camera etiquette especially) and opinions start surfacing as the invitees warmed up to each other. The Chef's selection of antipasti entrees was a sight for sore eyes, the dried cured meats satisfying the peckish within the group immediately. A favorite of mine was the grilled vegetables drizzled with olive oil and finished with seasonal herbs, soft squishy zucchini ribbons with a wee bit of char and earthy flavors from the olive oil all coming together in an unexpected way.

To amp it up a little, we were given a pizza-spinning (not like your regular spinning classes at the gym) demonstration by one of the acclaimed chefs. Break dancing while twirling a thinly stretched piece of dough in between ones legs... I concur and watched with admiration since neither was on my list of "talents".

Feeding off the frenetic energy of the pizza twirling maestro, diners were ravenous for more. The meal unfolds in waves of gustatory pleasure, starting off with shared entrees. The Capesante Scottate ($19.90) is kryptonite, a slight drizzle of lemon juice over the seared scallops lifting the dish and introducing brighter flavors instantly. Parsnip puree and homemade crumbed potato chips adding considerable layers of textural complexity.

Golden balls of fried Arancini (16.90) stuffed with pumpkin and smoked mozzarella pleases as well with the accompanying chilli mayonnaise imparting a dash of mild sweetness.

Another stellar entree is the Flor di Zucca ($16.90), where zucchini blossoms are stuffed with all manner of good things; goats milk fetta, black olives, semi-dried tomatoes and laid to rest on a pool of chili jam. It's a delicate undertaking which renders exclusively delightful results, an angry burst of hot, red, creamy filling complimenting the crisp deep fried batter on the outside. 

My loyalty to the Calamari Fritti ($19.90) runs deep and I hardly ever leave an Italian restaurant without this mandatory order. Casa does a pretty decent rendition with a good amount of creamy aioli on the side. The restraint in seasoning highlighting the myriad of dried spies sprinkled on the tender squid fresh out of the deep fryer.

Not for the faint hearted, my choice of main course made an over the top first impression with its larger than life appearance. It's first-in-line swooping in on to the table causing numerous pork-belly induced jealousy among-st my fellow diners. I was bad. Flaunting the Pork Belly ($32.90) as though they were my new found pair of boobies through a tight as hell V-neck white shirt. Juicy fragrant pork with a roof of crisp crackling overhead, seared scallops on the side and cabbage finished with apple mousse and cider reduction; this dish was befitting of it's star appearance. 

Tenderloin Medallion ($39.90):  65 degree Slow roasted prime beef tenderloin with truffle mash, caramelised onions and pancetta served with jus gras.

Aragosta and Granchio Ravioli ($29.90): Lobster and crab ravioli with shellfish butter sauce.

For what it lacked in finesse, this dish made up for it in terms of flavor. Each Ravioli encapsulating a rather generous amount of lobster and crab meat melded together to a near paste like consistency. The shellfish butter sauce, warm and comforting, every spoonful draped with the richness of cream, milk and butter. 

My Cucumber Collins offered a cool refreshing respite for the palate. A slight tanginess hiding behind the veil of Hendricks Gin and cucumber spurring the drinking fiesta on.

The usual calorie suspects was hardly culpable this time with the Sticky Date Pudding working its magic on the diners. The proof is in the pudding, the sponge light and fluffy yet still retaining a rich moistness from the dates cumulates in a smackdown when savored with the accompanying vanilla bean ice cream and warm caramel sauce. The other two offerings were relegated to stepchild status, the Warm Chocolate Tart and Classic Tiramisu not as deeply satisfying as the former.

Opting for a waterfront dining destination can be very much a huge gamble but rest assured that you would be treated to a good meal at Casa Ristorante. With a sprawling space and spanking new nifty details thrown into the interior. the restaurant is warm and inviting, perfect for a romantic and unhurried night with a loved one.

SnapEatLove dined as a guest of Casa Ristorante Italiano. Major thanks to Alana and George of Wasamedia for the invite.

Casa Ristorante Italiano
Building 42-48
The Promenade
King Street Wharf,
Sydney NSW 2000

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  2. Dude, your photos are kick-ass. Still having jealousy over your pork belly here LOL. Nice to meet you in person! See you on Tues! hahaha :D

    1. hey babe!!! thanks loads for stopping by. yeh. that pork belly was certainly show-stopper. Felt kind of shy for it. see u tmr for some thoroughbred Italian food!



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