Chophouse Restaurant + Bar : The Steak Out

"Where can we get the best steak in Sydney?", asked my Cousin; willed by his friends visiting from Singapore who were keen to indulge in a steak dinner before embarking on their trip back to harsh reality.

I must admit, that question stumped me.

After copious amounts of research and intensive blog reads, I had refined my selection to a handful of steakhouses located within a stones throw of the vivid light show. Eeny, Meeny, miny, moe. The Chophouse it was.

The Chophouse was a classy act, nothing unassuming over here; from the dark lacquered chairs to the deliberately rustic-fied walls to the majestic arch of wooden beams strapped over the ceilings, the interior decor screams 'New York New York'. Diners are made to feel unique, special, as though in a theatre act where they are the directors to the fate of their bellies. Staff are gungho and proactive, rattling off an elaborate list of specials for the day, highly commendable given its specifics. 

Steaks dominates at Chophouse, but you should feel free to stray from it. Our table played it safe and opted for a well-rounded selection of its specialties. 

Wagyu Rump Cap 200g , MB8+, harissa, jus ($39) . Chef Gordon Ramsey would have adored this dish. Seared with a lovely crust on the outside, this tender mount of rump hailing from Queensland was an example of Chophouse's streamlined perfection with Australian bred meats. The innards revealing creamy marbling that rendered the dish a favorite of the night for me.

A round-up of the other stellar offerings around the table:

Grilled Minute Steak (200g) of Wagyu MB5+ ($24.90) served with cafe de Paris butter and jus.

Dry Aged Delmonico MB2+ (400g), striploin on the bone, served with chutney and jus ($49.90)

Wedge Salad ($10.90): slow cooked egg, roasted tomato, speck and house dressing

Onion Rings with Parmesan Salt ($9.20)

and finally my order of Glazed Beef Short Rib (350g) with house made BBQ sauce ($36). A near faultless dish albeit for the overly sweet BBQ sauce that slicked the plate. The succulent fork-tender flesh dances across the tongue with a likeness to a braised pork belly dish but perfumed with the robustness of grazing cattle. I look on with glazed eyes full of admiration for Chef Scott Kim's refined techniques, the Lord Nelson Brewery Three Sheets Ale ($8.50 on tap) working its magic and tying up loose ends.

Chophouse Restaurant + Bar is one of the restaurants which seeds a lasting impression in your head, making a strong stand as a solid choice for the best steaks in Sydney City. I, for one, was convinced. 

Chophouse Restaurant + Bar
25 Bligh Street
tel: 1300 246 748

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  1. I love Chophouse!! I'm not really a steak person so I love their pork belly and scallop salad, and their desserts - must try!

    1. hmph.. interesting prespective from a non-steak lover visiting a steakhouse. pork belly you say? you've got my attention! =)

  2. the steaks are amazing at chophouse but their desserts! i heart their desserts!

  3. Looks so good! How's the portion? Does it satisfy?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Irene, yes... the portions were decent. after kicking back few beers i was a happy camper.



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