Pinbone: You had me at Bacon

The agenda was simple, get an early start on the day and try to score a much sought after seat for brunch at Pinbone. Despite its simple and unwavered brunch menu (since opening); Pinbone lures diners in with the promise to bedazzle with an exclusive hospitality collective in charge, made up of chefs Mike Eggert and Jemma Whiteman (Billy Kwong and Three Blue Ducks) with Berri Eggert (of Cafe Paci) seeing to the undertakings on the floor. The reputable trio previously building rep from their hay days in produce-driven, experimental pop-up dinners. Now with this lighthearted split level terrace as a permanent home, the musketeers seek to inspire and influence the locals with their spin on contemporary Australian cuisine.

Brunch was just a sneak peak at the potential of fun the chefs have with simple locally sourced ingredients. I've heard many great things about their dinner offerings. But.. taste buds will have to be satisfied with a simple morning trip. *ahem* let's make it a SUPER early morning hike down to the shop since you would probably want to avoid the snaking queues that form a little past 10am. 

A skim latte ($3.50), a reward for succeeding the mammoth task of waking up on a dreary cold Sunday morning. Mediocre.

We quickly turned our attention to our breakfast plates. The Croque Madame ($14) was a sight to behold. Makes you wonder in bewilderment who in the right mind would order the male version of this dish given the option of a fried egg. Sadly, the feminine injections disappoint with a sadly portioned egg from a larger pan. Slices of ham melded together with melted gruyere cheese and pressed between two slices of crusty bread, wait a minute.. where was the bechamel sauce? This rendition faring not much better than the maffra cheese and ham sandwich I had indulged in, a couple of days ago. 

Expectations are flipped out the window with the Bacon, Maple and Pumpkin Tart ($12). Flaky pastry with those androgynous blackened edges combined with the likes of smooth smooth pumpkin puree slathered lavishly, warm; and deliciously perplexing sweet and savoury maple glazed bacon draped over the top. This was a baffling dish when first savoured, but resolved itself thru a series of mysterious 'oohs and aahhs' . The side herb garden of dill, chives, mint and rocket was tangy and helped break through the guilt trip of this severly sinful offering. A stellar dish that I would highly recommend.  

With that dish worthy of a standing ovation, I would say that Pinbone warrants multiple visit. If only I had more time...

3 jersey road,
NSW (2025)
Tel: 9328 1600

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  1. that bacon tart is all kinds of amazing but you gotta try the fregola next time!

    1. REALLY? man.. that didn't stood out to me at all.... hmph.. chocolate suze.. that's gonna be a tough one. haha.

  2. I really, really want to go here! It all looks delicious!

    1. ooo. fashimi.. make sure you make your way there early. queues look like a real bugger past 11am.



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