Night Noodle Market 2014: Wonderbao [Melbourne]

Wonderbao blasts its way into the Sydney scene with such superhuman force that a cloud of rampant chatter about this glorious invention surrounded the Night Noodle Market grounds even before I found my way there. Upon holding my purchase (so lovingly sponsored by my host Irene from Irene's getting fat), we had soul driven hunters and chasers quizzing us on its location midst the sprawling grounds; and bee-lining straight for that stall. Yes, the hype was that big despite it's non-existent store-front situation in Sydney at the moment.

We ordered the 3-pack gua bao snack pack, an attempt to the savour the innovative efforts of the team. 

The best is a fried tofu bao, showcasing crisped skin and soft cushiony innards that's a come-hither mix of tender fluffy bun and a well-executed meat sauce of sorts. The twice cooked pork belly bao for me came in a close second, the labor intensive protein standing in sharp relief to the pillowy sweet buns that wrap it so snugly. The slices of cucumber providing neutral grounds against the tangy sauce. Lastly, the braised pork belly needed no distraction, the bao simply masking it's slightly skewered fat-to-meat ratio. Should it have been served with a piping hot bowl of rice, I would have been a happy camper.

And whilst we at it, we had a bowl of Char Kuay Teow from Jackie M which in contempt of its authenticity, was rather droolworthy with a lip-smacking full flavored sambal belachan on the side and a slight smoky charred flavor from the 'wok-hei' demonstrated here. Worth checking out!

The SMH Good Food Month Night Noodle Market will be running till the 26th October, so unleash your Chinese noodle fury soon! The wide spread of Asian dishes sold hawker style in an outdoor festival is sure to assault all your five senses and get a raging appetite going!

Night Noodle Market
Hyde Park
October 10 - 26

Opening Hours
Mon-Tue: 5pm - 9pm
Wed: 5pm - 10pm
Thurs-Fri: 5pm - 11pm
Sat: 4pm - 10 pm
Sun: 4pm - 9 pm

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