[Adelaide] The Market Shed: Organic Farmers' Market

With farmers markets flourishing across Australia, people are getting a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craft of the dedicated farmers. In fact, some of these local spots for buying fresh fruit, dairy, meat directly from the growers are even becoming tourist destinations. So if you're thinking of heading down to a Farmer's Market on a Sunday in Adelaide. Look no further than The Market Shed located right smack on the outskirts of the city center.

Housing at least 50 stalls with a range of exotic gourmet fare and humble organic fresh produce; wander around and be lost in endless possibilities for a good meal. From the exotic curry puff to dairy free nut milks and springtime favourites, oranges and beetroot. Foodies will frolic in local products, delight in learning their provenance, taste them and develop a better appreciation for them.

While making my laps around the grounds, I stumbled upon Messy Jessy, opened by Jessica Liebich, winner of the 2014 My Kitchen Rules series. A proud South Australian, Jessica take local produce and converts it into saccharine laden baked goods. I forked my way through the pecan pie slice ($5) gallantly, it was breathtaking, the nuances of golden syrup carrying the sticky pecan mix into ninja level stuff. And somehow, I had a good feeling that every other gob smacking treat in the case would be just as delicious. Do yourself a favor and grab one slice on the go.

That being said, prices are slightly on the stiff side at this Sunday market so perhaps it's better for a one-off visit if you're a visitor in town or for an occasional meet-up brunch alternative with friends.

The Market Shed
1 Holland Street (City)
Adelaide, SA
t: 0411201760

Opening Hours:
Sun: 9am - 3pm

Messy Jessy

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