[Canberra] Smoque: Smoke gets in your eyes

If you're in Canberra and a huge lover of smoked meats, do not fret.

I had the opportunity to test out Smoque in the London Circuit of Canberra; possibly the only smoke house in the whole of the city. My verdict, this bad boy does fit the bill.

The vibe is hill-billy (I suppose most would call it hipster these days) the instant you step into it's exposed brick wall interiors. The vibe is colorful, crowded and charmingly bonkers.The sprawling space jammed pack with hungry bodies eager to sink their teeth into those monstrous, BBQ sauce lacquered ribs or just simply hankering after a cold pint. The energy, color and atmosphere of the place is electrifying; making wordless promises of the food ahead.

Just a word of caution to begin, food portions are infamously large so unless you intend to get a protein overdose, do go slow while placing your orders. 'Protein Plates' are served in aluminium trays which encourages taking away when the food gets to overbearing, a likely occurrence when at Smoque. The Carolina Pulled Pork ($14.90) contains shreds of unctuous pork, their flavor packed fattiness contrasting with the addictive sweet mealy texture of the cornbread. I was also smitten by the Texas Brisket ($14.90), silvers of ridonculously tender beef sliced are tumbled onto the silver trays, the sheen from the gravy beckoning to be mopped up. However, the dish that stole the night would definitely have to be the Buffalo Hot Wings (6 for $8.90); crisp fried wings tossed in a spicy yet fragrant sauce were offset beautifully by a rich blue cheese dip flecked with fresh cut herbs. This definitely made a mad dash into position for the best buffalo wings I've ever had. A must try for all you fried chicken lovers out there.

Bailey's Arcade
Shop 2, 131 London Circuit
02 6162 3350

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