[Canberra] Mocan & Green Grout: Sweater weather

Waking up to a chilly morning in Canberra, the boy and I decided to head out for a hearty breakfast and upon some diligent foursquare searching, we stumbled upon Mocan & Green Grout in the city. Described as an 'ethical cafe and bike maker store', expect to see throngs of people in Lycra warming the benches outside, a coffee in hand. 

In the cozy dining room, the kitchen bench is the center of activity, chefs hover over their food with the tyranny of Darth Vader, before releasing it to the pass and larger groups squished into booths cringe over their plates, often partaking in some sort of balancing act with breakfasts on bent knees, buttering their slices of toast while making sure of limited back swing activity. Nobody wants their precious cup of coffee on the floor. 

Here, a seasonal and local fare mantra is adopted and this breathe of fresh air is blown over the menu liberally. My Fried Eggs, Chorizito, Guindillas corn puree ($16) definitely was a little too artistic than usually called for at the breakfast table. I was absolutely besotted by the painstakingly smooth corn puree, the pools of gold swathed across the plate best eaten with the avant garde sprinkling of paprika to further accentuate its characteristic sweet nature. Pity about the fried eggs which were just a tad overcooked, the yolks spilling out its clots when sliced through, and the toast, one second away from achieving door stopper status. 

The boys' Tripoli Baked Eggs, hummus, spiced radish and yogurt ($15) was a novel and clever concept but straddled the borders of acidity overkill, the tang from the yogurt layered upon the sour tomato sauce assaulting the morning palate.

For me, service was a compelling force at Mocan & Green Grout, quiet, civilized and unhurried. Smiles were genuine and it seem plausible that perhaps Canberra citizens were just a tad bit more amiable.

Worth a visit if you're hankering after brunch fare.

Mocan & Green Grout
19 Marcus Clarke Street
t: 02 6162 2909

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