Riley St Garage: Let's do Lunch

Riley St Garage, as name states is a less than modest space remodeled out of an old garage along Riley Street in Woolloomoolo. Not immediately visible upon turning into the street, a non-descript sign on the steel doors marks the entry point, a slight steel slatted facade retrofitted into the red bricked building. The space is lofty, at most times, basic and industrial - outfitted with sleek plumped up leather chairs and a large bar counter that takes center stage with its perky notes of feminine expressions arising from the vase of fresh sunflowers. I adore the retro touches, store rooms with the sign 'spare parts room' nailed to the door and the fun black working overalls donned by the waitstaff bridging a relevance to the garage concept. 

We dived straight in for the dirty deed: Let's Do Lunch deal in line with the Sydney Good Food Month. And for $38/person, this is what we got...

First course: Smoky Soy Truffle Oysters. 2 for him and 2 for me, the Pacific oysters a better companion to the Smoked soy vinaigrette, it's taste, less piquant, allowing for the tangy dressing to carry its weight whereas the Sydney Rock oysters with it's heavier body, acquired from a longer period of maturation worked with mild discontent with the acidic dressing.

Second Course: Crispy Pork Knuckle with soy mustard/ pickled apple/ iceberg lettuce salad with herb and blue cheese vinegar & chips. (1 trotter for us to share fight over)

I pondered the size of those despondent piggies till I took in my first forkful. The shatteringly crisp skin giving way to a meltingly moist interior. The soy mustard dressing that pools at the bottom of the plate grew on me after its slight sweetish first impression -  I was licking up the remnants with the aid of a spongy chip (i acquired this after quite a good amount of rummaging) at the end of the meal. Despite it's deceivingly small size on first glance, there wasn't a need for any more than served given it's excellent deliverance, the marginal utility met perfectly, once the last piece of crunchy skin disappeared. A second passed and I hankered for my next fix.

The final flourish of the meal was the Liquid Lemon Cheesecake as pictured below. A dish that left a figuratively spring in our step. A lovely hazelnut crumb, lemon sorbet and liquid cheesecake mousse formed a simple and decent medley, charming the taste buds into a satisfied closure. I'm not usually fussed for deconstructed desserts, but this was uncomplicated yet at the same time, well-executed; pulling the entire meal into a perfect circle. 

Riley St Garage might not offer the most revolutionary menu options but with its tight focus on quality and presentation, it is a force to be reckoned with. It's earnest attempt to sell familiar comfort food updated with a modest flair, coupled with chirpy service practically charmed my socks off.

 definitely be back if I get the chance.

Riley St Garage
55 Riley Street
t: 02 9326 9055

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