[Canberra] George Harcourt Inn: English Pub Grub

Our search for fresh beer is relentless, an unforgiving process that eliminates dining destinations based solely on the types of beer on tap while we traipse around Canberra. For that fact alone, we stumbled upon George Harcourt Inn located in the picturesque village of Gungahlin in ACT, just a little off the border. 

A quick phone call later, we were making a mad dash for the destination - why? - 26 beers on tap. It's a no-brainer.

Taking swigs off our Imperial pints of Feral Hop Hog, we perused the menu, a thorough list of the usual English pub grub staples. I'm guessing this spells comfort for those far away from home. The gaudy English cottage setup and lofty grass slopes leaning into the establishment exuding drifts of being in the shires. I was mostly intrigued by my surroundings, a novel and strangely snug environment that would have been better with more uninterrupted sunshine and less hailing winds.

The dishes, like mum's cooking, are presented with little quirks, suitable for sharing not only for its heft but also for it's mild spice. We had the Lambshanks served with English peas, gravy and mash. To be honest, I expected more... The countrymen' signature fastidiousness and attention to quality of produce seems to have gone on holiday and we were left with shanks that have obviously deteriorated in quality from repeated re-heating and cooling. The shrivelled outer skin of the shanks notably crustier and drier than its innards. While we squandered away our appetite on the former, a better alternative would be the Kosciusko Beer Battered Barramundi ($19). It has got the portion sizes nailed, the satisfying spiced bubbled battered around the flaky fish teasing the eye with it's goddess like skin tone. The chips were excellent as well, gooey innards and crispy outer combo tackling even the toughest of judges at the table. The Char grilled Black Angus Sirloin ($25) left a figuratively bitter note in the mouth, our decision to have it medium rare plainly forgotten as the protein straddled various degrees of doneness throughout the steak. A sure sign of basic culinary struggles ongoing in the kitchen, Not to mention the lack of any serious savouriness, save for the accompanying jug of black pepper sauce that concerned me with its congealed texture.

George Harcourt Inn may be an institution to many lonely travelers, but the kinks in food standards leave much to be desired. Unless they get their problems fixed, you'll feel like eating here (not to mention the long drive out) is money squandered. 

The George Harcourt Inn
3 Gold Creek Rd
t: 02 6230 2484

Operating Hours:
Sun - Wed: 11am - 10pm
Thurs - Sat: 11am - 12am

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