[Canberra] Kingston Hotel: the Steaks are high

Kingston Hotel located across the water from Canberra's CBD isn't exactly a beautiful sight to behold. But what few people know is the hot tamale of charms that is held within the tattered walls of the building; ignore the musky smells from the dust laden carpeted floors of the bar and snake your way through to the open dining hall which features a steakhouse. 

There, you'll be greeted by a rather unconventional but fun-filled dining concept. "Cook your Own" steak, a movement encompassing a more interactive food experience that draws in the crowd. Just imagine having a backyard barbecue without the trouble of having to clean up afterwards. That alone is such a big incentive. And then there is the perfectionist in us yearning for a go at reproducing restaurant quality steaks, thatched char grilled marks and medium rare pink innards included. Here you're a chef, a barbie maestro, a critic.

I had the Angus Scotch Fillet ($25.90) cooked to my liking by my partner on the searing hot grill. Avoid the parts of the grill emitting white heat for a more even cook. His Large T-bone ($23.90) was a juicy portion of meat seasoned beautifully with the basic salt and freshly grounded pepper. It doesn't take more than that to highlight the quality of cuts that the restaurant carries. Help yourself to the sides of beetroot, pasta salad and creamy potato salad to fill in the gaps between working your way through the steak. Alternatively head over to the bar and grab yourself a cold one, boosting a golden selection from Matilda Bay, there's guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Kingston Hotel
73 Canberra Ave Griffith
t: 02 6295 0123

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