Four in Hand Hotel: Sunday Roast

A smile escaped my lips as the door slammed shut behind us as we made our exit from our Air bnb homestay in Surry Hills. My choice to head to Four in Hand hotel in search for the BEST SUNDAY ROAST in town recieving affirmation from the other house guest, furthermore grounded with his Scottish roots; I readied myself to soak in the praises and approvals that accompanied our next meal. 

Hidden away in the leafy streets of Paddington lies The Four in Hand hotel; a quaint establishment with vibes as whimsical as its outlandish surroundings. Apparently, the bar & restaurant serves as a sanctuary for the locals, gourmands and eager travellers; its' curious positioning of a fine dining restaurant next to a family friendly watering hole, yet all governed by one chef who so happens to hold the reigns of a hatted establishment in Surry Hills; combined with the charming disposition of its waitstaff stealing my heart in an instant.

Since one of us arrived with the tenancious intention to feast on the Sunday Roast; I prepared my guts for a burger. And mind you, not just any normal burger, the burger on the Bar Menu specials that teased and taunted me into submission. The BBQ Beef Brisket Burger with Fennel Slaw and Onion Rings ($19) was downright gratifying, the cottony buns swathed in a slightly tangy creamy spread that caps a mind boggling treasury of ingredients. Think, skinny battered onion rings, spring-like fennel slaw perfurmed with anise and thick succulent stacks of beef brisket, tender to the touch, yet lingering so affectionately on the memory after being savoured. The chips on the side held its own as well, its fluffed up innards and golden cornmeal like crust threatening to ruin my diet (who I am kidding?).

All eyes were on the Sunday Roast ($24) as it emerged from the kitchen. A brazen showing of pink Pork Neck accompanied by all the works. The partner found the meat to be a little bit to rare for his liking but favoured with the rich salty gravy that balanced the natural sweetness of the expertly roasted pumpkin and apples it was a match made in heaven. The choice of protein for the Sunday roast changes on a weekly basis, so do make sure to make a call the night before to find out whats on the menu!

While we were all mighty smitten by the bar menu as well as a sluice of drinks which may have ended in an extra spicy Bloody Mary; we decided to cap off our meal with a dessert from the Four in Hand restaurant menu. The PB & J ($16) was a clear winner in theory, I mean, who can deny a dessert processing the celestial marriage of Peanut Butter and Jelly on one plate? That being said, we were a little let down by the execution. The dessert lacking some sort of creamy element to tie in the loose ends. I did however, enjoy the triangles of frozen peanut butter parfait and salted peanut crumb loosely scattered around - definitely room for improvement.

Four in Hand offers a unique dining experience where you can get your hands on some mean restaurant quality cuisine while still having your tush plonked down on a bar stool.. with a cold one too! Now that's every reason to pay a visit! But as for Sunday Roast, I sincerely hope I can find better.

Four in Hand
105 Sutherland St
t: 02 9362 1999 (restaurant) / 02 9326 2254 (bar)

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