Brewtown Newtown: Cronut Crazy

I admit my deep displeasure with the invention of the cronut. It was an abomination, a mutation of species of natural charm and undiluted history, the American doughnut and the French croissant. But all that went *ka-poot* with my first bite into this beauty of monster. Brewtown Newtown has taken the craziness one notch further by churning out a savoury version of the fad dessert AND THEN exploiting its buttery nature as the buns for a delicious burger. 

They had me at burgers.

I had to go.

And trust me on this one (I know often then not my friends will roll their eyes whenever I say it) but the Elvis burger was streamlined perfection. The combination of gruyere cheese, ground beef, Canadian bacon, creamy mayo and savoury cronut was all to easy to make disappear. Kudos to the accompanying relish on the side with a heavy mishmash of spices thrown in from Chinese five spice to cardamon and paprika, the sweet capsicums and tomato still holding a bit of body in there for texture. Roasted potatoes could have been done a little better, but the burger itself needed no distractions. It was a glamorous star in all its right. A diva.

The charming layout of Brewtown Newtown with deepened darkened enclaves and tall tables on the side that make a great destination for voyeurs and eaves droppers (guilty on both charges).

Coffee beans are roasted in-house and have a lovely rich nutty aroma. Milk suds were tight all around leading to one of the most beautiful and precise coffee arts I've seen so far. 

And finally another look at Elvis Burger. Don't stray from it.

Newtown Brewtown
6-8 O'Connell Street
Tel: 9519 2920

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    1. I hope your cravings bring you there my dear. Trust me... This one is amazing. Like worthy of a last meal kind of food.



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