[Adelaide] Steven Ter Horst: Sweets for my sweet

Steven Ter Horst is a household name to most Adelaide-siders , correction, or maybe to most of them with an uncannily sweet tooth. Located along the main stretch on Rundle Street, it's opening hours draw the late night crowds in with the promise of that naughty treat just before bedtime. I happened to be one of the willing victims.

With a spread of desserts, entremets and chocolate bars; there are many ooohs and aahs that follow upon threading into the shop. Made using bespoke couvertures hailing from France and Belgium, Steven ter horst aims to create something truly special with the slight bolstering of these premium goods.

The Iced Vanilla and Honeycomb was an umbrian treat. Perfumed with the smoky richness of honeycomb, this drink is definitely suited for those looking at achieving some sort of hyper-active state after dark.

We also had the Nuts about Chocolate, an elegant slice comprising of a chocolate and almond base, hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate ganache and milk chocolate chantilly. Warm and comforting, every spoonful was draped with the richness of cream, milk and butter. 

Definitely a dessert institution worth stopping by should you be making a trip to Adelaide. 

On hindsight, I fully deserved the indigestion I had later on.

Steven Ter Horst
256 Rundle Street, Adelaide,
SA 5000
Tel: 08 7226 6216
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