Ananas Bar and Brasserie: C'est si bon

I don't know how the French do it, but I reckon if I were to eat like this everyday, there's not way I can remain a skinny bitch.

Dinner at Ananas Bar and Brasserie was truly a belly busting affair. Feasting spurred on by the seductive space, a contest of deep red velvet and trendy dark booth seats, unpolished brick walls, not to mention that charming pineapple shaped lamp stands that whisper "ananas" in all directions. 

Bread? yes please... packed into a rustic bread tray, the appeal was multiplied ten-fold. And.. good bread it was.

Our food came at a luxurious pace, a few sips of the sumptuous wine off the well curated list and we were good to go. The Wild Mushroom Pappardelle ($32) was a picture perfect dish from start to finish where the traces of coddled warm hen's egg and hints of black truffle lace each and every strand of fresh pasta with a good stirring. 

The others include the Pan Roasted Pork Cutlet ($38) served with a classic pairing of caramelized apples. Grilled Artichoke and a drizzle of tarragon vinaigrette later, this dish proved to be a darling among meat lovers.  For something a little lighter, trade in the big guns for the Ananas seared yellow fin tuna, salad nicoise  ($35).

But no one around the table could make me trade my dish in for theirs. The Navarin of Braised Lamb Shoulder ($34) was a winning formula. The piece de resistance being the gremolata crumbed brain perched so innocently in the rustic enamel dish. The roasted breast had a nice belt of golden caramelised fats. Uber appealing, covered in its own oil, rich lamb fatty flavors draping every mouth full. Tortured ever so slowly in the heat till it falls away with the slightest nudge on the hilt. I was absolutely smitten.

To cap the entire experience off, we set out sights on desserts. The Vanilla Cheesecake Mille Feuille, exotic sorbet ($16) was mildy disappointing, aside from it's clever set up, alternating sheets of filo pastry and cheesecake mousse, the dessert failed to round up the decadent meal that we just partook in.

The latter Snicker's Revolution ($18) did a better job with it's refined presentation of a snickers bar, elevating the humble chocolate bar into a medley of chocolate mousse filled chocolate tube, roasted peanuts and salted caramel ice cream. Tres chic.

Ananas Bar & Brasserie with its multi million dollar face lift, makes it easy for you to load up on the hopes. As do many places, there are hits and misses; but rest assured that the hefty emphases on service and French brasserie chic ambiance imparts a lasting impression. Worth going to for that special occasion.

Ananas Bar & Brasserie
18 Argyle St, The Rocks
NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9259 5668

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