[Nowra] Wharf Rd Restaurant: For love and passion

There's a weird proportional relationship between going on road trips and my degree of hunger. Put me out on the roads long enough and the dizzying spells of sun and sea breeze builds up a voracious appetite in me.

Looking for a decent place to dine on a hushed Tuesday night in the vicinity of Jervis Bay was a tough act, but with a little bit of research, we stumbled upon a gem, Wharf Rd Restaurant in Nowra. Slightly off the main coastal drive, we arrived at a  picturesque warmly lit shack on the edge of the water. With shades of baby blue and white wash, the mood was calm, tranquil. 

We started off the meal with Fish Tacos ($9) with pico de gallo and aioli. A simple dish that could have been executed a little better since the fish beared a strange textural resemblance to what you find in a Micky D's fillet' o fish burger. Oops.

Moving along, the mains were plenty more impressive with our 6 hr roast salt bush lamb, quinoa and chili kisses ($32) charming our socks off with the pickled chili kisses of Peruvian heritage. These tiny bulbs bursting with an intense spray of salty tangy goodness, complimenting the robust lamb shreds. The slight crunch of the quinoa and the bitter greens, all coming together to render an eclectic mix of tastes and textures.

The piece de resistance would have to be the Jervis Bay lobster with duck fat potatoes. Of course. Deliciously sweet with unadulterated succulence. We started, dainty motions, feverishly concerned as if on a first date. Gradually, with the dimming of the lights and inhibitions let loose with a glass of wine, we got down and dirty with the remaining parts. Retrieving flesh from the thorny extensions of the monster. All worth it. 

Contented after a tussle with the crustacean, we sat back and admired the views from the open veranda of the restaurant. Bliss. There's nothing more you can ask for. Can there?

Wharf Rd Restaurant
10 Whard Road,
tel: 02 4422 6651


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