[Barossa Valley] 1918 Bistro and Grill: Reloading

It was 2 in the afternoon. All we were left with; since unleashing our enthusiastic thirst emblazoning through 9 wineries in the picturesque Barossa Valley, were wobbly legs, throbbing heads and barmy smiles. Food. If we wanted to continue in this state of being and wine tasting for the rest of the afternoon, feeding ourselves with something other than a liquid diet, was by means our only solution. Now the question is, where do we go so late into the afternoon?

Upon asking the locals, we got many arrows directing us towards the 1918 bistro and grill in Tanunda. With all the glowing reviews, you could say this bistro was the darling of the town; hence we headed straight down with no qualms and no inhibitions in tow.

Service was excutiatingly slow, but that was pushed aside since our late arrivals would have probably sent the chefs hopping mad from having to fire their grills once again on a sluggish Monday afternoon service.

My partner had the Grilled Lamb Rack ($33), braised lamb shoulder, crisp polenta, roasted carrot puree, baby vegetables accompanied by a bottle of crisp and cool handcrafted Squashed Apple Cider ($8.30) from the local Barossa Valley Cider Co. The round pucks of polenta were a dream, firm on the outside with a crumbly exterior and fluffy creamy innards. This could be your mouth's new best friend, rich cuts of lamb and big puddles of gravy. Don't even ask for some, an ounce granted on your plate is enough to set you eternally grateful for life.

Unfortunately, my Roasted Pork Belly ($30), caramelized onion, white pudding, apple and cabbage slaw didn't fare too well. I contemplated the fate of the poor pork belly which probably took a quick spin in the microwave before being slammed back on high in the oven a couple of minutes and then plated. The juicy fats being rendered out of the thick slab and the crispy hard skin a mean feat to get through. Save for the sweet bed of caramelized onions and the doona of well seasoned slaw, the dish was a major flop, made worse by the gargantuan serving of the inferior red provision.

So close. 

1918 Bistro and Grill
94 Murray Street, Tanunda SA
Tel: 08 8563 0405


  1. the lamb looks great but what a shame about that pork belly :(

    1. I know right. Looks are so deceiving. And you would think that drinking so much would affect your judgement. NAH... :(



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