[Adelaide] Bar 9: A book of wet matches

It didn't take much of a sales pitch to make me grab my bags and head on down to Bar 9 for a much sought after brunch. Hailed as one of the top spots lavishing care on breakfast and lunch with a modest roster of eggs, avocados and open face sandwiches, it was imperative that I made this my port of call during my Adelaide visit.

The outsides and the insides make no grand statements. Simple, untouched walls with mismatched furniture strewned in odd directions. The format suits Bar 9's food unusually well, a blend of standard breakfast fare, botched by the occasional non-conformist dishes. 

Coffee is from Five Senses with milk sourced from a local Tweedvale Dairy farm up in the Adelaide hills. This is its strong suite, remarkably creamy and full bodied.. Coming together with so much peaceful cohesion that I had to shake my head.

We had the Creamy Truffled Mushroom Ragu ($18), a swipe of soft earthy mushrooms, cooked with faultless timing and drizzled with truffle oil , ethereal when savoured with the fatty richness of the spilled yolks of the poached eggs. Portions were a bit out of control leading to a certain sense of sickening guilt towards the end.

The much-talked about dish of Australian Blue Swimmer Crab in Thai Green Curry Scramble ($17) honestly had no place in the menu, barely recognisable in this cuisine, it screams for attention. Upon appearance, I had wondered how the combination of cheese, egg and Thai green curry could possibly gel. With many loops, twists and turns, it does work. My only gripe would be the non-authenticity of the green curry, tasting a little too sweet and perhaps not complex enough; almost as if it were made straight from a packet of instant paste. The Asian greens of coriander and Chinese chives helping to break through the monotony and heaviness of the dish. SHARE please if you would like to make it through the monstrous pile.

As compared to the choices for brunch venues in Sydney, Bar 9 has much of a catch-up game to play. While some of the food can be remarkable and original, a surprising scope of things (much acclaimed) on this menu can be a book of wet matches. Pity...

Bar 9
96 Glen Osmond Road,
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