[Barossa Valley] The Clubhouse: Where to eat in Tanunda

With wine tastings beginning when the first vineyard drops its gates open at 11am in the morning, we were amazed to still be going strong past 5pm that afternoon. Breakfast at the pavilion where we lived (Jacob Creeks Retreat) was a grandeur event, with a full English fry-up to boot, and we were able to line our guts with a barrier strong enough to withstand the languorous assault of liquor till later that evening. 

Satiated from our previous nights' garden spread of cheese, crackers and gourmet take-away pizza from Amanti's, we decided to skip the other chi-chi dining options in the region and opted for something a little more down-to-earth. So pub grub at the local it was. 

The Clubhouse is somewhat of an institution in the region. While seated here, you sense a spirit of camaraderie, where everyone knows each other by name, almost like a scene out of the Rammer Jammer in the Hart of Dixie. Alright, pardon my chick flick references but true enough, when the council member of the town walked up to introduce himself amicably and welcomed us to the Barossa Valley, boy was I blown away by the hospitality in this small town.

So moving on to the grub, we dived into the Salt and pepper squid ($14); bloody big burger ($20) and the Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana ($24) . Substantial fare at decent prices. No complaints there as we spent the first few minutes in complete silence, savoring our meals with complete concentration. Especially loved my chicken schnitzel which was crisp, meaty and extremely satisfying with a huge layer of cheese and ham draped over. 

Doesn't that look like something out of a MacDonald's commercial? 

Recollections from the previous night where we laid down a blanket in the gardens, laid on our sides and stuffed ourselves silly with crackers, locally sourced cheese (double brie from Barossa Cheese Co.), sun dried tomato stuffed olives and a pizza from Amanti's in Tanunda. With a bottle of local wine and you by my side. Nothing could be more perfect in this place, in this time.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
-Leonardo da Vinci

The Clubhouse Barossa Valley
45 MacDonnell Street, Tanunda
South Australia

Amanti Pizza and Pasta Restaurant
109 Murray St.
Shop 6, Tanunda


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