[Adelaide] Press* food and wine: Touchdown

A perennial favourite with locals, Press* food and wine had me rushing to their doors first thing upon touchdown into Adelaide. Expect a design-led dining paradise, with a menu showcasing a smorgasbord of unusual flavors and an playful nose-to-tail invasion. 

Settling in comfortably on the lower floor, gleaming high bar tables and chairs cross cross the area. Slowly filling themselves up with the constant stream of families, friends and star-crossed lovers; all here undoubtedly for the notorious fare. 

We started off the meal with the Wood Grilled squid, chimmichurri sauce ($15); from this juncture onwards, the feast unfolds in waves of gustatory pleasure. The wood grilling done to perfection, the squid a thing of beauty, twisting with the slight char from the licking of the flames, the dousing of nutty chimmichurri sauce overhead complimenting the seafood with its earthy flavors.

Then there's the Corned Beef, Mustard aioli, Fennel ($16), the ravishing sheets of corned beef richly flavored. The chefs could probably go more sparingly on the mustard aioli; whereas the lace of soft fennel adds that much needed crisp punch into the dish.

The dish that stole the spotlight for me would have to be the Beef Tartare, Aioli, Toast ($18); it's simplicity yet perfect execution rebelliously flaunting the creative mindsets of the chefs. Seasoned beautifully with the devilish perching of the quails egg as crowning glory, this could possibly spark off a selfish war at the dining table. Definitely a dish not to be missed.

Another stellar dish on the small plates menu is the Roasted Pork Bun, Kewpie ($9.5 ea), served on teenie buns all baked in house, this was pretty much a complete package in miniature form. Though I wished there was more of that roasted pork in there, it would probably have made this dainty experience a tad messier. For heartier appetites, try out their beef burger instead (which received rave reviews from some diners whom we were compelled to interview after a serious bout of food envy).

Point to note, Press* Food and Wine is participating in Bread for Bread which supports Variety (the children's charity) and hence don't be alarmed if $1.00 is added to your bill as the proceeds for these charges are donated to Variety. You can politely ask for it to be removed, but.. COME ON. don't do that.

Press* food and wine
40 Waymouth Street
Tel: 8211 8048
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