Home Thai: Snippets for the Weekend

Hey Folks! I hope I haven't been keeping you up waiting for my next update. So here goes... a little envelop of mad food gushings for the weekend.

Home Thai is one of those establishments which you want to develop a relationship with... take it from me; what you have with a restaurant that you visit once or twice is a transaction; what you have with a restaurant that you visit over and over is a relationship. And that's what I'm talking about in this instance.

On my recent visit, a group of 4 of us dug into a spread of dishes. Starting with a cold entree, the Green Papaya Salad Som Tum ($9.90) has a depth of flavor that takes you by surprise despite the untempered ingredients, green papaya tossed up in garlic, chilli, tomato, dried shrimps (which I didn't particularly fancy biting into), Lime juice and palm sugar. The invisible pop of lime highlighting the crispness of the green papaya.

The Chicken Larb Larb Gai ($9.90); despite the slightly heavy handed salt dispersion, was addictive, the intensity of the fish sauce in the chefs dressing enforcing an irresistible reunion with the minced chicken, shallots, coriander and mint.

Not my favourite, the Spicy Thai Sausage Sai Oua was a tad too sour and spicy for my taste. I thread lightly around this dish. Snapped a photo, instagrammed it. Then move on to virgin ground. The Glass Noodle Pad Thai with seafood ($13.90)was a winner. The mixture of textures contributed by the pickled radish, soft tofu, beansprouts and the freshness of the ingredients created a sweet dance of sensations on the palate. And I must admit that portion sizes were definitely generous with regards to protein; fresh squid, fish, prawns and even green lipped mussels.

The star dish of the meal without a doubt should be awarded to the Stir Fried Crispy Pork Belly with Pik Khing Sauce on Rice Kao Rad Pik Khing Moo Grob ($9.90), succulent pork belly cubes with a healthy roof of crackling laced with a sticky spicy sauce. This was the first dish to be wiped clean by the accomplices. Fret not, the dinner menu offers this at Ala-carte serving at $14.90 for the dish.

Word of advice for the queue averse crowd, Home Thai unlike some other eateries nearby (mamak... ahem) has a permanent snaking queue parked in front of its shop front for a valid reason. So do give it a go if you haven't already.

Home Thai Restaurant
Shop 1-2
299 Sussex Street, Sydney
T: 02 9261 5058
Website: http://www.homethaisussex.com.au/
Opening Hours: 
11am - 4pm
    4pm - 10.30pm


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