Shenkin Kitchen: I fancy Simplicity

I shivered in the frigid cold. Seeking solace in a warm cup of tea just didn't quite seem to cut it. Okay, so i googled "Best Shashouka in Sydney" and stumbled upon a quaint little cafe in Enmore, the Shenkin Kitchen. A third installment of the Shenkin Cafe, brothers, Din and Bar Haikin, together with kitchen know-how from dad Arie; plain to take over the world with their play on Israeli food.

It was late afternoon when I reached my destination, shutting the door on the cold gusts of wind that have tail gated me. I proceed to revel in the steamy warmth of my skim cappuccino ($3.50).

Apparently the wait for my food was long, too long, much to the embarrassment of the floor staff who eventually took the coffee off my bill; but how should I know when I don't glance at my watch. I don't have to. Thoroughly entertained by the plethora of sights of sharing and conversation unfolding on the table adjacent to mine.

The Plain Shashouka ($16), a deep dish of baked eggs in a spiced rich tomato sauce was a sure win. Coupled with two thick fluffy pita breads; it sounded like a bit of work to get through. Especially when alone, but the melange of flavors worked so well together, I polished it off easily. Teasing the sides of the red stained dish with a careless swoop of a chunk of bread. Did someone mention the dish is purely vegetarian?

Shenkin Kitchen
(02) 9550 5511

Daily 7am–5pm


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