The Grounds Keeper Cafe: keeping it local

Not-so-new brunch spot The Grounds Keeper cafe situated amongst the lush greenery of Ryde Park is the epitome of convivial dining. Taking breakfast to a whole new level with Middle-Eastern influenced items and downright honest cooking. 

Bemused by the throngs of people that have gathered in the shady alfresco premises of the cafe on a Thursday morning; it appeared that the owners have struck gold with the park-goers and family oriented groups that hang around the area.

With coffee beans hailing from the boutique coffee roasters Di Gabriel, the blend features strong notes of cocoa and the soft notes of berries lingering in the background. Definitely one of the best cappuccinos I've had anywhere. For something a bit different, head over here for your coffee fix.

The irresistable Kafta Tagine Eggs ($18)  arrived in a waft of hot tantalizing smoke. Served in a traditional clay dish, the spiced lamb kafta tagine sided by pita bread and labne was a dream to work through. The glistening sweet tomato sauce complimenting the robust flavors of the lamb meatballs that were binded together in near perfect consistency. The half cooked yolks unleashing their golden spell on the delicious mix. 

My friend's Shashouka ($17.50) was also well received. Baked eggs with a tomato, capsicum and merguez sausage ragu served with a mountain of toast. A dish for the famished..not peckish, for sure.

While I do enjoy the weekend walks through the bustling side of town, Surry Hills and what not, why not keep it local and give The Grounds Keeper Cafe a shot? This is one place I would gladly return to and get my caffeine fix along with some Middle Eastern offerings.

The Grounds Keeper Cafe
30 Argyle Avenue, Ryde
New South Wales (2112)

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