Bang Bang Espresso: Spin me a Classic Bacon & Egg

I sat at the exact seat which I had happily plonked myself down on about a year ago. Back then, things were different. Life glimmered with a bit more hope beneath the curtain of sadness. Misguided by the promises of love and shelter, I uprooted myself from the foundation of comfort and friendships I had fostered in this foreign land in order to head home. Well, emotionally speaking, up to this date, I still feel the tingle of salt on my old wounds. But, as do most things in life, I've moved on.

This time around, the coffee tasted a little sweeter. Bittersweet, maybe.

It was a weekday, yet the cafe was enjoying a bustling business of patrons seeking their daily dose of caffeine. The walls were painted in a retro orange in contrast to their other sleek, raw industrial design decisions. Large windows on the slanted sidewalks, whose ledges doubled up as seating for their outdoor tables flooded the space with natural light. Most interesting fact about the cafe are its ownership rights leading us to former Ministry of Sound DJ Alan Thompson. Tiny traces of his glorious career subtly infused into the design, take for example the shiny steel drummers seats that circle the communal tables and the mural of the headphones scrawled in bold across the white washed walls.

Food was good too. My Bacon and Egg roll exceeding expectations with its perfect sourdough soft bun, terrific tomato relish and a generous mount of avocado that I beckoned for as a side order. Feeling a little more adventurous? Bangbang does some old school British classics like the Welsh Rarebit and the Scottish Breakfast; complete with traditional black pudding,, square sliced sausage and a tatty/potato scone. There's something for everyone.

Unlike the many other newer cafes located on the main stretch at Surry Hills, Bangbang still pretty much retains its' hidden-find charms. Overall, its' charming ambiance and polished service marry in a pitch perfect match made for lingering.

Bangbang Espresso Bar and Cafe
113 Reservoir St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel: 02 9281 0018


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