[Spore] Audacious Cakery: Weird is the word

Audacious, it is to present a table full of sweets and desserts to four extremely judgemental palates.

Did Audacious Cakery eventually take the cake?

Unfortunately, not for me. 

Located in the newly spruced up Everton Park region, you're cocooned within its rather warm, softly lit interiors. The cafes' simple layout and charming decor fitting in with the "hidden-gem" theme of the neighbourhood: think clear glass panelled windows bathing the room in natural light. The menu, an impressive spread of sweets ranging from signature cupcakes, petite entremets to the more finicky macarons.

With the macarons ($2.50-$2.80), a variety of herbs and flavors take centerstage.  Sadly, these did not float my boat given their less than crisp shells and stingy fillings. Kudos to the Lemongrass and coconut combination though, I just wish there there was a slightly better balance of sweetness and muted acidity.

Moving on to the tarts; the Lemon Meringue ($5.80) and Chocolate Souffle Tart ($6.80); (for some strange reason, you can request for it to warmed up). Don't be fooled by its fuss free appearance, the former rebelliously flaunts the puckery nature of the lemon; creamy, buttery and gorgeously rich; this lemon tart was set to soar only to be knocked down by the mediocrity of the manufactured pate sucre base that lacked shortness and frankly, looked a little anaemic. With the chocolate tart, this was definitely the first time I encountered a choice of a souffle filling by a patissier and I was keen to try it out. Weird. The innards were ultra gooey, almost akin to a stringy soft cheese after being heated. Upon closer investigation, it was brought to our attention that the tart had been heated up before serving (apparently its been very popular eaten this way). I say NEH to the notion of direct heat since the egg white proteins would probably curdle and the crispy cookie garnish transforming into a chewy mess. Have it cold.

Then marched out the Cupcakes ($3.50). My favourite of the lot being the Black Sesame. Very potent in flavor, the cakes were in general very moist with a most huat kueh like texture. The fat-content in the Italian meringue buttercream could be toned down a notch as it left an oil slick on the lips after being noshed down.

Bottom plate (L-R): Forest Noir ($9.80), Chocolate Obsession ($8.80)

At this point, I'm thinking. I can't do desserts anymore. Yet, the allure of the mini cakes with their shiny glaze and petite garnishing tempts. Word of advice, stick with the cafes' chocolate offerings. The chocolate obsession being the star of the show with its slightly acidic dark chocolate mousse paired with a rich chocolate sponge. The Forest Noir, a spin-off the classic black forest cake may appeal to those who like a little alcohol in their desserts but certainly knocked my socks off with the extreme potent nature of the kirsch soaked cherries so deftly hidden within it's walls.

from L-R: Zacharie ($7.80), Faith, Strawberry Shortcake ($6.80)

Zacharie is a light cheesecake with a mango passionfruit jelly insert; despite it's pledge, I could hardly detect ginger in the biscuit base. For those who love the texture of tofu cheesecake, this is right up your alley. The Strawberry shortcake underwhelms with it's lack of general sweetness and depth of flavor.

Indeed, the food here casts good impressions with their attention to detail; regrettably, it doesn't deliver on a taste point of view. In this respect, there are loads of hits and misses with the desserts and it all depends on whether your choice matches up to your floating expectations. Good luck.

Audacious Cakery
Blk 2 Everton Park #01-161 
Singapore 081002


  1. is this shop very popular in Singapore now? the cakes look potentially promising than other shops but the components and design still lean towards the safe zone. and i wonder when can there be one cake shop in Sg that can match the standards of Sydney and Tokyo......(not trying to put down Sg but i think we are still far from global standards)



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