Kitchen by Mike: I've seen better days.

Venturing to the Alexandria in search for a replacement lens cap for the one that I lost down on the beaches during the Dîner en Blanc; I decided to stretch the trip to make it a bit more worth while. Walked a couple of blocks and voila... found myself at the doorstep of Kitchen by Mike. It may been quite a hike for those venturing via public transport but it's sprawling location makes it a hidden gem.

Here's the low down on this casual joint; led by Chef Michael McEnearney, former head chef of Rockpool; Kitchen by Mike adopts a canteen style menu with dishes that changes on a daily basis depending on what's the most fresh and flavorsome in the markets that morning. With that adopted concept, Kitchen by Mike has won over a bazillion fans who flock to the open warehouse themed bistro in search for gourmet foods translated from the freshest produce.

Unfortunately *grimaces*, I was a tad too early for lunch and had to settle for a cup of my usual coffee ($3.50) accompanied with an Eggs Royale ($13).  Boring... I was extremely bitter too since the lunch menu that day looked terribly tempting. (To view their rotating menus, click here); note, there's not much flexibility with their breakfast menu so do try to scramble out of bed a little later to enjoy the finest.

Verdict: Coffee was fantastic. The Eggs Royale was really disappointing with an over-poached egg, the sourdough carrier was soaked through and through with the residual butter splitting out of the hollandaise sauce, resulting in a chewy mess of sorts. Definitely going for lunch next time! 

Plus points for being situated next to Koskela which sells and produces Australian furniture and homewares. I reckon you could spend almost an hour in there browsing through the works and admiring the gorgeous layout of the showroom.

Kitchen by Mike
85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery


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