Excelsior Jones: Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

The car approached a sharp corner in the raggedy neighborhood; from the corner of my eye, I noticed that all too familiar signage on a clear panelled shop front that would usually be occupied by some dingy provision store. Yet, this was home to Excelsior Jones, that had won Best New Cafe in the 2013 SMH Good Cafe Guide Awards.

Instead of siting itself on the periphery of some hipster district like Alexandria or Surry Hills, Excelsior Jones had chosen a spot a decent walk away from the dumpling free-zone that is Ashfield. A strange port of call if you ask me since the Shanghainese roots of the area determined the majority population in the neighborhood. But then again, who's complaining? Excelsior Jones raises the bar for caffeine aficionados in this district and it certainly blew me away with my first cup of cup for the day. With beans sourced from Five Senses, my Cappuccino here was reasonably strong, incredibly smooth on the froth with a delightful finish.

And given my huge burger tendencies, I dived in straight for the kill. Relishing in the Cheeseburger with grass fed Angus, gruyere, tomato relish, aioli and roasted spuds ($16). Similar to a brioche, the cloud-light buns are slightly sweet, a perfect canvas for their homemade aioli. The Angus beef patty was thick and gargantuan, rendering a burst of juices and perfect seasoning to the full works. Well, a burger is a burger (I don't usually say this), but with most dishes having fries occupying a good half of the plate, Excelsior Jones works its double powered magic spell on diners with their incredible roasted spuds; gorgeously crisp edges pushed to the limits of being charred centered with sensuously creamy innards. enough said. I can eat this again and again.

Excelsior Jones
139A Queen Street,
Tel: 9799 3240


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