Watts on Crown: Canned peaches?

I loved every minute at Watts on Crown. Till they served me those darn canned peaches...

Going back to the start of the night, the restaurant was a scene of tranquility and peacefulness. The calm before the storm. And believe me, it only took a mere hour before the entire placed was filled to the brim.

Bringing a taste of European elegance in flavors to the indulgent neighborhood of Surry Hills, Watts on Crown is the brainchild of a dynamic duo, Hamish and Tiffany Watt. Working the kitchen is Hamish Watt, previously from Kensington Place and Rockpool by Neil Perry; doing an equally impressive job on the floors is Tiffany who won us over with her genuine earnestness to please her guests.

Not exactly a design led dining paradise, Watts possesses a slightly eclectic vibe. With every corner and every wall looking just slightly mismatched. It's non-cohesive nature injects a bit of energy into the place to create an appetite inducing vibe. or maybe it was just me, I was ravenous to begin with.

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Soon, a whirlwind of activity, the kitchen churned out our appetisers in a jiffy.

I adored my friends' Ceviche with seaweed and sesame salad, wasabi dressing and angel hair chilli ($15), an interesting juxtaposition of flavors and textures, it reminded me of a typical Korean side dish with its well executed balance of acidity and sweetness.

 photo IMG_8597_zps0019c373.jpg

The 'Something to Whet the Appetite' menu carried a Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and preserved lemons, romesco sauce ($15.50) which I hastily opted for. This course however, came out a bit one noted and did not raise an eyebrow. The stuffing of ricotta and preserved lemons yearning for a touch more seasoning and the romesco sauce (essentially a sauce Catalonia in Spain that is nut and red pepper based) just bathing in mediocrity.

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The mains fared better firstly with the Grilled pork chop with soft polenta, cavolo nero and a rosemary and anchovy dressing ($29). A hunk of pinkish hued pork arrives on a blanket of braised cavolo nero alongside a drizzle of delicious rosemary and anchovy sauce. For those feeling a little more carnivorous, theChar grilled grass fed Angus rump steak with cafe de paris butter, chips and a watercress, caper and lemon salad ($29) beckons with its tender and juicy facade, the cafe de paris butter tempting the salivary glands with its obnoxious sheen of gold.

 photo IMG_8602_zpsd40fadf8.jpg

 photo IMG_8608_zps6b55c875.jpg

 photo IMG_8610_zps289eee80.jpg

The desserts menu holds not too many surprises, yet its all-roundedness helps to keep everyone satisfied. The Chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream and honeycomb ($12), was a fail safe, albeit a bit unadventurous given the state of its more exciting mains.

All things were kept around pleasant territory up until now. Peach Tart tatin with vanilla ice cream and roast walnuts ($12). Now that was an absolute disaster. Canned peaches? I swore I tasted the familiar ache of sweet peach syrups from a tin as I spooned through that dessert. To make matters worse, it was November, the height of the stone fruit season; you could easily have gotten a case of peaches for $18.99. I shook my head in disbelief as I painfully regretted not having gone with the strawberry shortcake instead. And a soggy puff pastry base soaked in the inexplicably saccharine peach syrup. Gob-smacked.

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Watts on Crown
368 Crown St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone:(02) 8068 0461
Website: wattsoncrown.com.au


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