The Grounds of Alexandria: Braving the Weekend Queues

Before you decide to venture into the realms of Alexandria to check out this charming sprawling grounds of a cafe; re-evaluate your choice. Ask yourself, is it a weekend? If that's a yes, then ask, am I a patient person? If the answer to that is a strict NO, please wipe out all notions of this visit from your stubborn mind because the wait for a table at The Grounds of Alexandria has the ability to send even Mother Theresa around the bend.


Thank goodness for the mini play pens of farm animals and nearby speciality grocer and Italian providore, Salt Meats Cheeses for providing some entertainment during the low wait. The grounds is made up of 1800 square metres of well-tended kitchen gardens; meandering, signposted paths; chicken run (complete with clucking chooks); and a large outdoor communal tables reserved for the takeaway trade. Definitely a thriving business right where you least expect it.

Situated within a luscious garden of heirloom vegetables and fragrant herbs, the cafe successfully translates the rustic, self-sourcing values of the Grounds. Wood panelling, bespoke light details, a raw industrial space punctuated with delightful spots of greenery and flowers to spruce it up. Just sitting there and admiring the intricate design details alone could make a serious conversation. Weekend? Go ahead and place your orders and be prepared for another long wait.

The Grounds Burger($19); dry aged angus beef, smoked cheddar, tomato, house pickles, tomato relish beer battered fries with chipotle mayo. This was delicious albeit a bit tiny. The pillow soft buns with toasty edges soaking up the juices from the patty with no restraint. What I loved most about this dish was the beer battered fries that were almost like wedges, accompanied with a dangerous dip of spicy chipotle mayo (this was the bomb!); watch the mini-tub of crispies vanish before your eyes.

The Chicken Schnitty, herb crumbed chicken schnitzel, house slaw and salsa verde looked magnificent, however, it's beautifully crisp herb crust was overshadowed by the slightly dry flesh of the schnitzel. Perhaps these could have spared a little less beating. The house slaw on the other hand was a beautiful mix of taste and textures, fortified by the addition of toasted walnuts, minuscule raisins and that lusciously creamy sauce.

Overall, food wise, The Grounds has a couple of hits and misses; a problem I see minute given it's other predicament with crowd control. However, that being said, they are a ground-breaking initiative, and definitely a fun place to take your visitors out to; pssst. just make sure it's a weekday.

The Grounds of Alexandria


  1. I heard so many good reviews about this place but yeah, I probably won't dig the queue and wait either. The food looks good, though! Great pics! :D

    1. thanks Irene. yeh. food looks great. but i was so hungry to care much for photos after the long wait. *giggles*

  2. I always want to eat..haha..I rolling now..haha..

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