Marque: prix fixe menu made of dreams?

I apologise for my disappearance from the blogging ritual, but the recent trip back to Singapore certainly has made its' toil on my "consistency" (and my liver). So without further ado, here's a severely backdated post of my meal at the renowned 3 hatted restaurant, Marque.

Let's talk about lunch deals. Nobody beats the likes of Marque's $45 3-course prix fixe friday lunches. With that in mind, it was without a question or a doubt that we paid a visit to this proud establishment.

Our amuse bouche caused quite a stir at the table. a crispy cracker reminiscent of kelp topped with oyster mousse and abalone. A satisfying start for the ravenous craving a little bit of salt on our blank palates. The bread offerings included a rye bread and a sourdough, which I took a strong liking to. I was delighted at the lightness of the overall slice, it's chewy aromatic sour innards leading to many pleasantries.

Our first course came. Kurobuta Pork terrine with white kimchi and button mushrooms. Unfortunately I didn't fancy this very much. Heady with too much citrus and vinegar notes, I found the white kimchi to be a poor representation of the art of making kimchi. As I nudged my food around the plate in a valiant attempt to clean it, I imagined the many Koreans turning in their graves. The Kurobuta pork lacked the robustness and complexity that would have helped to cut through the acidity of this dish. The only saving grace on that plate. The thinly sliced mushrooms. The earthy flavors a welcoming break from the mundanity.

Next up, the NZ King Salmon with sauekraut, spinach, rye and mustard. Well executed to the T, each component spoke for itself in a commanding voice that refused to seek solace in each other. The dehydrated sheets of mustard and spinach out of place beside the crisp crumbs of baked rye, and all that in non compliance to the slow poached salmon. I was starting to feel a wee bit disappointed at this point.

Finally, dessert came along and the entire Titanic went down. 

Charred cherries with buttermilk and meringue.

well, where do I start... the cherries could have used a punch more tanginess and the meringue, probably a little less time in the oven. 

With all 3 courses failing to make a stir; even the inclusion of an AMAZING post dessert thrown in could not save the day. Still, kudos for the Sauternes custard with bitter caramel. I would have been more happy if you had thrown two of these in my direction.

4/5 355 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9332 2225
Lunch: Friday from 12 noon
Dinner: Mon to Fri from 6.30pm, Saturday from 6pm


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