The Reformatory Caffeine Lab: Remedies

After my Nespresso machine took a turn for the worse, spitting out water from under its valves during extraction, I fell into deep depression  there was an immediate need for alternatives when those cravings hit in the wee hours of the morning. 

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab located just  jog away from Central Station was the answer to my prayers; cranking its coffee machines on at 6 30 in the morning. 

With jet black walls painted in panels of comic book cartoons, this provides some lighthearted entertainment for those waiting on their coffees. Do take note that this is a "standing only" joint with textured metal plates bolted to the side of the room as make-shift tables; so those looking for somewhere a little more luxurious with bolstered seatings, you can consider hoping over to nearby Brooklyn Hide or Reuben Hills for your caffeine fix.

On two occasions, I had my regular Skim Latte ($3.50) which came to the table on an equally stylish wooden plank with complimentary water on the side. Aptly named the 'Joker blend', the house blend was earthy, full bodied and touch acidic. Definitely a great way to kick start the day. Truth be told, service is top notch in this small and quirky joint.

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab
Shop 7B, 51 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills

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  1. Love this joint! Simon did an awesome job setting this up! You should try their single origins.

    1. Ramen raff... Things I should have done... Sigh. Too many to count. If I ever visit Sydney again. Yes for sure!



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