[SPORE] Lucha Loco: Ready, Get Set, EAT!

It's always a riot at Lucha Loco, groups congregating under colored flags and hanging bulbs in the garden patio chowing down on hearty Mexican fare. The atmosphere is laid-back, yet dripping with contemporary LA vibes all at once. With the kitchen headed by Executive Chef Mario Malvaez in collaboration with Chef Jason Jones, co-founder of Mamasita in Melbourne; food here is touted to be the real deal. Judging from the deliveries of wildly hued tacos careening past our noses, out of the kitchens and on to hungry diners; it didn't take much convincing to see that Lucha Loco must be doing something right.

This post maybe severely belated, reviewing my last visit on the 9th April in conjunction with a special "Taco Eating Challenge" that was held on the same day. With my partner competing in the 10 mins, 'stuff yourself silly with tacos challenge' in tow, I set out to explore the menu on my own.

Taco De Chorizo con Red ($10) was a chorizo and braised beef taco. The braised beef carrying a heady aroma of spice, it's melty mouth-feel mixing beautifully with the more robust flavored sausage for a devilish combination. 

The Taco de Pescado ($11) starts off with a beautifully fried snapper, the red onion salsa and spicy orange chipotle mayonnaise building it up into a crescendo. Wonderfully balance in flavor, this attractive package works it magic amongst the rowdy diners.

My staple order of Chicken Quesadilla with Serrano Chili ($16) arrives at the table, a racy sight of feisty colors, the freshly made salsa on the side providing acidity that cuts through some of the heat derived from the inclusion of serrano chili in the mix. The chicken is cooked to perfection, still retaining that bit of moisture that ties the spicy, creamy concoction together under those pressed shells. All in all, one of the better quesadillas I've had in Singapore thus far. 

The event was a smash, gregarious hosting from the MC and great energetic vibes from the contestants and their supporters. The winner might have consumed 18 tacos in 10mins (if my memory doesn't fail me), and still had a visible 6 pec after the whole affair. I assure you, life isn't fair.

That being said, Lucha Loco was definitely a great find, an unhurried space that is the perfect backdrop for creative Mexican dining and a very persuasive choice of libations to wash down the sublime food. Perfect for after work dinner and drinks with the colleagues. Just be mindful of the tequila if the boss is around.

Lucha Loco
15 Duxton Hill
Tanjong Pagar
P: 6226 3938


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