Mary's: burgers and farewells

This insanely grotesque engagement in gluttony happened straight after Toko.

Bring on the half-bird. Give me that Mary's burger. Make it a double with trashcan bacon would you?

My relationship with Marys is somewhat bizarre. Since my last editorial cover end of last year, I've been in and out of this flower-child of a burger joint a couple more times. and mostly under two vastly different circumstances.

The first seeing me as a responsible Sydney-sider host for visitors and giving them a taste of  Sydney's finest burger. And the second, for bidding farewells; in this case, usually ending in a couple more drinks than necessary, translating into a wild night that escapes my memory the next day.

To my readers, it is with a heavy heart that I announce my confirmed departure from Sydney. Through the last few months, I've nibbled my way around town, conquering food joints from quaint cafes to hatted restaurants; most of them leaving lasting impressions. However, now with work prospects from Singapore beckoning me back into its hot humid embraces once more, it's time to pack my bags and hit the skies. To each and everyone of you that have shared  my excitement in sussing out new places, then shared meals with me and tolerated my bothersome 'feed my camera first' habits at the table; you have made my life so much enjoyable in Sydney and trust me, there will always be a special place in my foodie heart for y'all. 

I leave you with a rare glimpse of what a crazy night out looks like. Starry-eyed glances, delusional smiles and a swash-buckling load of food porn. Peace out.

a whiff induces some troll like smiles...

Note: I do still have a couple of posts in the pipeline so please do read on. Plans to fuse my Singapore blog and snapeatlove are on the way as well. You've not seen the last of me yet.

6 Mary Street
NSW 2042


  1. all the best with the new adventure in singapore! looking forward to reading about your eats there!

    1. thanks chocolatesuze. no matter where it is.. the driving force still stays the same. will work for food!!

  2. I will try Mary's. I promise you. I'll eat the burgers for your sake. Hahaha



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