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Walk through the doors of Miss Peaches and you get an unmistakable craving for fried chicken and beer. Pecan pie is usually on the agenda too. Situated alongst a linear hodgepodge of hipster and trendy eateries tucked into nooks and crannies, Miss Peaches makes up the numbers. However, the subliminal smell that greets you at the threshold is undoubtedly unique, walk past the kitchen into the dining room, the faint aroma of freshly crisped chicken activates a section in your brain that screams irrationally and repeatedly for fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken!

The facade is so unassuming, you can mistake the restaurant for a hipster new york loft style residence. Good for those who like it comfy... not to mention it is perfect for farewell parties.


A shout out to my darling colleague, Minhee, you will be sorely missed at Cheeky. All the best for your future endeavors in Korea. 

Now that I've got that out of the way, back to the nosh.

The menu maintains a tight focus on Southern Comfort foods. Think gumbo, blackened fish, cornbread and so much more. 

Since we were loading up on the drinks (Young Henry's and Matilda Bay's Dirty Granny on tap!), we turned to the bar snacks for sustenance. Spice Coated shrimp and popcorn with chilli salt ($9)... err.. waiter.. this soup dish is too salty. The bits of shrimp studding the bucket of popcorn assuming a slightly rubbery texture almost like chicken, making the protein strangely unrecognisable upon first bite.

The Fried Okra ($7) with garlic, parsley and cherry vinegar was a stellar dish, reminding me of one of those pickled vegetable side dishes you get at Korean restaurants. 

Sarsaparilla Glazed Fried Chicken ($4/piece) showcasing a sweet crispy skin with soft cushiony juicy meat on the inside. However, this put up against Mary's half bird, the latter wins hands down. Make your way down the street if you're in dire craving for a good bird.

Miss Peaches definitely scores high for it's funky bar and drink offerings; however, it's acclaim to producing great soul food leaves much to be desired. Leave this place as a venue option for after parties or pre-dinner drinks and you won't be disappointed.

Miss Peaches
201 Missenden Road
9557 7280

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  1. The Spice Coated shrimp and popcorn with chilli salt makes me interetsed to visit the Miss Peaches restaurant.

  2. Yeh Macky, it is indeed an interesting item on the menu that piqued my interest as well!



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