A Toast to Fresh Beginnings: must-eats in Sydney

As some of you may have come to realise, I've packed my bags and left my temporary shelter, a place so dear to my heart, Singapore. For those of you who do not know me, this is a story about a girl with big dreams, a new found lease on life forged by sudden extraction into single hood, crazy food obsessions and a good pair of shoes... and I'm sure stories such as these come with a guaranteed happy ending.

Without a doubt, sussing out the food scene in Singapore was fun, I thought it would be more appropriate if I ventured into a different domain solely dedicated to my SYD escapades; hence the birth of my current blog. In addition to food reviews, I'm thinking of writing about other activities, random thoughts and even more personal experiences? And by the way, I'm open to suggestions. So fire away...

So Sydney in short, comprises a few must visit. Here are some of mine.

Hurricane Grill for their mighty ribs and those cutesy bibs that you just have to put on. Try not to feign demureness at this eatery lest you look like a joke with a splotch of BBQ sauce in your hair. Yes, it does get VERY messy.

A trip to Sydney is incomplete without taking the coastal walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach. And why not stop over for a good breakfast whilst you're at it? A solid fuel recommendation for me would be at Brown Sugar a little off the beaten path at Bondi. The Moroccan eggs - slow cooked spiced capsicum and tomatoes with poached egg, english spinach and za'atar toast with goats cheese and chorizo was absolutely divine. It's tummy warming goodness providing sustenance for me through the rest of the walk.

Swing by the Rocks for some sweets at Baroque Patisserie . There's nothing more endearing than nibbling on a box of macarons whilst enjoying the magnificant views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Must tries are the Pistachio and the Lime, mango and coconut macaron (NEW!)

Explore inner-Sydney city, starting off with Surry Hills. Home to a melange of off-beat designer and vintage clothing, homewares and quaint cafes and restaurants. You'll be treated to a treasure trove of good eats just traversing the rather hilly region. Take a trip to Bourke Street Bakery for some out of this world pastries (adore the ginger brulee tart!) or grab a coffee at Reuben Hills; the guys here certainly take their coffee seriously. If you're looking for something to munch on, why not try the Tradesmans Brioche ~ eggs, jamon, avo & relish, it encompassed everything i loved, creamy scrambled eggs, buttery toasted brioche buns and an amazing serving of smashed avocado. Feeling a little feisty, then hop on over the El Loco for some Mexican street food. Kick back with a margarita at hand while devouring the incredible chorizo quesadillas or tacos that just fly off the kitchen shelves.

Yum Cha virgins rejoice, Sydney is probably good learning grounds to explore the fascinating culture of of this traditional Hong Kong snacking ritual. Amidst the hustle and bustle of carts being wheeled around stacked with a large variety of steamed and fried dim sum, the ambience is definitely one not to be missed, energetic and often a bit too rowdy. My suggestions would be Marigold, East Ocean or Emperor's Garden in the middle of Chinatown. 

Last but not least, all dessert aficionados should pay a visit to sweet haven, Adriano Zumbo Patisserie. Like Willy Wonka himself, Adriano Zumbo pushes the boundaries of desserts with his quirky flavor combinations and bold presentation. I recently tried the new Sticky date macaron and was blown away by the level of flavor infusion mastered in this tight package. Take advice from me and try to resist the sugar-high with every visit.

So this is essentially a list of my must-eats in Sydney. But bear in mind that with the multitude of cultures and races contained in this city, good and authentic cuisines aren't hard to come by. Be open-minded and try new things. More often than not, you'll be treated to something good.


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